The Best Battery Pack for Power Recliners & Reclining Furniture of 2022

Best Battery Pack for Power Recliners

Curling up on a recliner with a hot cup of coffee and blanket is a lovely way to unwind after a tiresome day.

You can put your chair by the window, on the balcony, or on the porch, and enjoy the view while you relax.

After all, that’s the dream, right?

But like every tale, this story has a villain too. Power sockets are the sole reason why you must tuck away your cozy chairs in some random corner.

But not all hope is lost because now you can get the best battery pack for power recliners and arrange your furniture the way you want.

Here, we reviewed and listed our top 5 choices, including a buying guide to get you started.

Top 6 Best Power Recliner Battery Pack Reviews

Battery packs can be convenient and easily hidden away from sight. They are also stress-free to install and are compatible with most recliner brands.

So, let’s get you started on your home redecorating and relaxing journey right away.

1. Limoss Battery Pack for Power Recliners, Loveseats, Sectionals

Limoss battery pack for reclining furniture with chargerThe Limoss battery pack for reclining furniture with charger is an excellent power bank that includes everything you might need.

It has a decent capacity and offers a great many features, all at a reasonable price.

With a single charge, this pack will give you about a month of service. However, if you have multiple family members lounging on the seats, expect the number of cycles to decrease with use.

Installation is pretty easy, and you can attach the power bank to your sofa or chair straight from the box. Due to its small size, you can easily hide it away from sight.

Now, you don’t have to worry about cables and cords cluttering up your beautiful living spaces.

Feature Highlights
  • The battery pack has 1800 mAh capacity, so you can get up to 80 cycles or a month of service
  • Does not require additional adapters, so they are straightforward to use
  • Compact sized so you can hide it away
  • Can power your chairs and sofas even during a power outage

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These batteries are worth every penny, and you can finally stop being sad over not having in-floor outlets for your powered furniture.

Just charge the devices overnight, and they will last you through many hours and even through power outages.

The only drawback to this unit is that it does not display the power level or alerts you when it needs to charge. You must set reminders yourself if you do not want your recliner to suddenly die on you.

2. Lavolta Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture – Best for Power Recliners, Sofas, Couches

Lavolta Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture - Best for Power Recliners, Sofas, Couches

If you read through a few lists before you came across this one, then you should not be surprised to see the Lavolta battery pack for power recliner included in here.

This device is well-loved by many for providing a straightforward experience and many beneficial features.

There are no instructions in the packaging to get you started, but you do not need it anyway. The devices are simple to figure out and install if you pay attention.

Just plug it into a standard two-prong power recliner connection, and you will be good to go! You also do not need to purchase any extra adapters as well.

Feature Highlights
  • The 2200 mAh capacity allows a family of 2 to use their recliners for about a month per charge.
  • Audible alert system to let you know that pack needs to recharge.
  • Three distinctive lights to update you on the battery percentage level.
  • Uses a two-prong connection that is compatible with most brands.

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One charge of 6 hours will last you about 100-120 cycles. You can keep track of your percentage level with the three-lights indicator and get an audible alert when the energy is running low. Talk about having convenient features!

After all, coming across a dead battery when you only want to relax can be very frustrating.

However, you might want to be aware of always-on items, such as warmers, cups, etc., which might drain your battery faster than you might like.

3. Freemotion 5000 mAh Power Recliner Battery Pack – Best Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

Freemotion 5000 mAh Power Recliner Battery Pack - Best Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

When you have a large family with children running around the house all day, going cordless is never optional.

Besides, numerous family members also mean more seats needed and more usages!

That is where the Freemotion pack comes in to save the day as it’s the best battery pack for reclining furniture.

It has a 5000 mAh power capacity, which can power up to 4 modular seats and nine motors.

You do not have to purchase a separate battery for each chair, and now every member can have their own dedicated space. Saves you the trouble of having to listen to them fight over the last available seat.

Feature Highlights
  • Has a 25% larger battery capacity, so it will deliver more power with infrequent recharging
  • Three different battery types to supply power to a different number of seats
  • Comes with a 20-second audible system to alert you of low battery
  • Features a UL MH60644-recognition for having unmatched safety and reliability

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Being more powerful than most standard batteries, this power recliner battery pack does not need frequent recharging.

You have three battery types to choose from depending on your needs. All of them take 6-7 hours of recharge time and have more than 15 months of standby time.

They are safe to use, and you can even leave your elderly parents at home to use them. Keep the battery plugged in all the time and use it as a backup when needed. They will last you through several power outages with no trouble.

4. STAIGO Battery for Power Recliner – 2500mAh Battery Pack for Power Motion Furniture

STAIGO Battery for Power Recliner - 2500mAh Battery Pack for Power Motion Furniture

When you have just redecorated your living space and need a cheap battery pack to fit into your new arrangement, you might want to check this option.

You will probably have to compromise on a few features, but it is worth the quality of the pack you will get in exchange.

With a 200-cycle capacity, this unit has surpassed most other products of the same category. It will take several weeks before your battery drains and needs to be regenerated.

And even then, it takes about 3 hours only with STAIGO power supply to reach maximum battery level.

You can connect one sofa per pack or use a splitter if needed. But in the latter situation, you might have cables running through the floor. It defeats the purpose of getting a portable battery pack in the first place.

Feature Highlights
  • Comes as a single power box, so it has a very affordable price range
  • Does not include any accessories, so works great as a replacement part
  • Has a 200-cycle power capacity and gives three weeks of service between charges.
  • Fast charging capabilities, taking only 3 hours, with STAIGO power supply

If you already have the necessary chargers and adapters, this unit works great as an affordable replacement. Since it is very pocket-friendly, any additional expenses on accessories would not total too much.

The STAIGO works well as a battery backup for the power recliner. But it does have a few faults, like not having a notifying system regarding the capacity.

Although, you can work your way around it by setting personal reminders.

5. The Blue Cactus Company Universal Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

The Blue Cactus Company Universal Battery Pack for Reclining FurnitureIt has only been a year since the Blue Cactus company graced us with their universal rechargeable battery pack.

But homeowners everywhere are irrevocably in love with it and cannot recommend this product enough.

This battery pack needs the standard two-prong connection that most powered furniture comprises.

Just find the connection point underneath and disconnect the power plug to attach your battery instead.

That’s how simply the installation is. No wordy manuals to bury your head in and confuse you.

Feature Highlights
  • Clear digital display to indicate how much battery power is left
  • Complete pack with an LCD-display and charger
  • Remains plugged in the wall and furniture unless a power outage turns it on
  • 2500 mAh power capacity that runs up to 150 cycles

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The battery can run up to 150 cycles at most, and you would be surprised at how long they last. And if you want this excellent battery health to continue over time, just avoid completely draining it to zero.

It would ensure your battery functions properly and gives you the best performance.

This wireless battery pack has a sleek exterior design that is easily hidden out of sight to give you that orderly look you want. There is an LCD light on top to update you on the remaining battery level and better control how it works.

It doesn’t matter if you are baby-proofing, pet-proofing, or are too clumsy for your good; you can easily tick off two problems at once with this wireless rechargeable battery pack.

6. Lifestyle Battery Pack for Reclining Sofa & Electric Power Motion Furniture

Lifestyle Battery Pack - best battery pack for reclining sofa

And for the last product in our recliner battery pack reviews, we have the Lifestyle battery pack with 2200 mAh with you.

This unit is wireless, which means you do not need to connect it to power while using it. Due to its compact size and lightweight, it is easy to tuck away from sight.

It is also super simple to install, and there are hardly any recliner brand chairs and sofas they would not work with.

Feature Highlights
  • Uses a 2-prong connection so you can attach it to most furniture brands
  • Easy charging capabilities with existing power supply
  • An amber ‘low power light’ to remind you to recharge your battery soon.
  • Turns the recliner into a charger and backup supply by connecting the power chord

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The battery pack is long-lasting, having enough power to run a minimum of 150 cycles. You can even get this up to 250 cycles if you do not have any seat or cup warmers, LED lights, or other extra features using up your battery life.

Recharging the battery is also hassle-free. You can use the existing power supply that comes with the recliner and spend about 6 hours for recharging the battery.

Finally, you will be able to keep all your electrical cords under control and never have to worry about any tripping hazards.

Who says you must sacrifice visual appeal for safety?

Things to Consider When Buying a Battery Pack for Reclining Furniture

Most battery packs are easy to install and gives you the freedom to decorate your place any way you want. However, there are a few things you might have to consider before buying the best battery pack for a reclining sofa.

  • Capacity

Power capacity denotes how often you need to charge your pack between uses. Getting a higher capacity battery means that you can get weeks, maybe even months of use, without having to worry about recharging.

A power supply of 100-cycle would last about two months for a two-member family. But this power usage also depends on extra features and the weight of the person using it.

  • Number of seats

If you have multiple seats that need to be powered up, you might need to get an equal number of battery packs.

While it is advised to use one battery pack for each seat, some power units can be attached to multiple-seaters or bigger sectionals. You also want to factor in the number of motors that need to run.

Choosing to use a splitter instead of purchasing additional power supplies might work, but they would run through the floor and will be a tripping hazard.

  • Charging Time

Charging time is not a big concern as you can always do it overnight if needed. But extremely high-capacity batteries might take an entire day, which can be very irksome. Most, however, need about 6-8 hours, some even taking less than that.

  • Notification System

You do not want to sit in your recliner, all prepared for a relaxing afternoon, only to find out that the battery is dead. Visual displays and audible alert systems are convenience features that can save you a lot of annoyance.

  • Size

You do not want to squash your newly purchased power box when you place it under the recliner. Calculate the amount of space you have under your sectional and choose the product which would fit best.

If it sticks out, it will look out of place. Not to mention, you might stumble over it and fall flat on your face.

FAQ’s About Power Recliner Battery Pack

Do I need to buy an adapter for my power recliner battery pack?

Most battery packs come ready to be attached to the standard two-prong power recliner connector. On the other hand, some higher-capacity power packs require an adapter. Check the manufacturer recommendations of your power recliner before deciding.

How many battery packs do I need to purchase?

Manufacturers recommend using one outlet per recliner. Unless you are okay with getting a splitter and ruining that seamless look, we recommend the same. Besides, having multiple packs would ensure that you always have a backup and never risk running low.

Do I really need a battery pack?

Even if you do mind placing your furniture near a power source all the time, having a battery backup is highly necessary. It would prevent you from getting stuck during a power outage.

How long do I need to charge my battery pack to get a full charge?

That depends on the manufacturer. Some packs take 3 hours, while most take 6-8 hours. The best option would be to charge it overnight, and it will be ready to use the next morning.

How do I charge a battery backup for my power recliner?

You do not want to damage the battery and reduce its capacity, so always charge your battery pack to the optimal value. And never let it fully drain, for its life expectancy will deplete.

Final Words

Why should builders get to decide how you decorate your home? If you want to place you in the middle of the living space, the balcony, or even the porch, go for it.

Having the best battery pack for power recliners would ensure you do not need a power outlet nearby. And with a single charge, you can use them for several weeks. Seriously, they are worth every penny!

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