10 Best Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors of 2022

best furniture pads for hardwood floorsWho loves the cringy noise of moving furniture?

Trust me, no one. And even more annoying are the scratches left behind on the hardwood floors by them.

Does it mean that you cannot keep movable furniture on the hardwood floors?

No, absolutely not. It is not the case. It is not the fault of your furniture. Rather with a few simple techniques, you can manage to have both your desirable furniture and a shiny scratch-free hardwood floor.

Now the question is, how? The most subtle and effective way of getting rid of such a vexing problem is the use of furniture pads. Furniture pads are covers for legs or base of your furniture and appliances to prevent scratches and notches on the floor during a move.

Want to know about the best furniture pads for hardwood floors? Keep scrolling down; you will find 10 best furniture pads reviews for hardwood floors.

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Best rated furniture pads for hardwood floors

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Top 10 Best Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors Reviews

You have so many choices for furniture pads for your hardwood floors. Each of them has unique features and advantages. Maybe it is easy to implant, looks sophisticated and lasts long.

So many companies and brands produce furniture pads keeping all these features in mind. But in the middle of this vast market, not only you, anyone can be lost. For the sake of your convenience, the reviews of 10 best furniture pads for hardwood floors are listed as the page goes down.

1. X-PROTECTOR PremiumTwo Colors Pack Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Best rated furniture pads for hardwood floorsThe X-Protector premium furniture pad is one of the bestselling and top-ranked furniture pads company in the market.

In their collection of furniture pads, they offer 133 pieces of furniture feet protectors per pack. As a set, they come in a variety of sizes with two distinct colors: brown and beige.

It comes with 106 pieces of brown pads and 27 pieces of beige ones. They offered variety in color considering the color variation among the furniture in a house.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy installment. With the help of the quick adhesive fix feature, it can be installed within a couple of seconds.
  • The dual-color scheme gives options for both bright and dark furniture.
  • Offers verities in shape and size. It fits every furniture in the house.
  • Not only hardwood floors. It is applicable to other floorings too.

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Its easy to implant technique and usability made it very popular among its users and eventually in the market.

These furniture pads are attached on the furniture by adhesive. For its implantation, you don’t have to make any hole on the furniture. As a result, these furniture pads are suitable for any type of furniture, including metal and plastic ones.

It can be implanted on the vase, flowerpot, dining set, sofa set, bedroom furniture, cabinets and so on.

The X Protector premium furniture pads are suitable for hardwood, laminating, vinyl, and also for tiled flooring.

2. FurniMate Self Adhesive Felt Pad Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floor

Best felt pads for hardwood floorsAnother great furniture pad brand in the market is FurniMate. They have much fame for their high quality and long-lasting felt pads for furniture. The brand focuses highly on quality and durability.

The pad pack comes with 6 most useful sizes and includes the facility to readjust as well. They come in two shapes: square and circle. Besides, they also provide 2 rectangle pieces that can be reshaped as per the shape of the furniture.

In addition to these, as a bonus item, 30 pieces 0.4-inch clear rubber bumper pads are given in the box.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy installation process consumes very little time.
  • 0.2-inch thickness maintained soft pads, ensuring durability.
  • Comes in 6 most used sizes, and can be used for almost any furniture.
  • Heavy-duty adhesive ensures durable attachment of the product with furniture.

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The company always emphasizes maintaining animal rights. The pads are synthetic; they are not made of animal wool.

The most amazing thing about the pad here is its easy installment. The whole process can be completed just within 5 minutes. So, it is pretty much less hassling and less time-consuming.

In the installation process, you have to clean the foot of designated furniture first. Then, adjust and check the fitness of the shape and size of the pad with the furniture. The extra sides must be chopped off. After adjustments, peel off the pad seal and simply attach it to the foot of the furniture. Only a few easy steps and your covering are ready.

3. X-PROTECTOR Non-Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Non slip furniture pads for hardwood floorsX-Protector non-slip furniture pads are famous for their quality. The brand provides a huge range of items for protecting your floor from unwanted scratches and scruffs.

They focus on customer demands and bring out their collection according to their users.

The set includes large-sized furniture pads. There are 3-inch 12 piece pads in X-PROTECTOR non-slip furniture pad set.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy installation saves a lot of time.
  • Very strong grip helps to avoid accidental glides.
  • Strong adhesive ensures rigid fixation with the furniture. Thus no slipping off from furniture.
  • Soft rubber felts of 1/5inch ensures high durability.

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We don’t move some furniture that often, especially big ones. However, if they glide by accident, they may leave unwanted scratches on the floor. These pads are most suitable for keeping the furniture at its place under any circumstance, especially the ones that don’t need to be moved regularly.

Slipping off is a total no-no thanks to the strong adhesive of the pads. Strong tenacious adhesives are used for attaching the pads with furniture. It helps the furniture to stay fixed at its place even at times of accidental push.

Besides, their easy to implant facility makes the pads very handy. Anybody can fix the pads on the furniture at any time.

4. SoftTouch 4719095NHeavy Duty 1 Inch Felt Furniture Pads for Wood Floor

Heavy duty furniture pads for hardwood floorsNobody loves their shiny floor to be full of scratches left by their regular used furniture. With that in mind, SoftTouch has brought out a collection of furniture pads, which is very easy to use and effective too.

This collection of Soft touch furniture pads includes 48 pieces of high quality and easy to install felt pads in each value pack.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy self-stick installation process.
  • Unique color for non-traditional furniture.
  • Heavy-duty 1inch felt protection for friction-free movement.
  • Works on any kind of flooring.

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The pads have a self-stick implantation system. It requires no nails or extra adhesive to stick it to the furniture.

The pads can be stuck to any type of furniture. You can install it over wood, plastic, metal or any other furniture. You can also install it on electric appliances. Thanks to its easy sticking feature, it is useful for any furniture in your house.

The furniture pads of this collection come in a linen color. The unique color is perfect for any light color furniture of your home. Many enthusiast home decorators struggle with hard to match furniture pads with their unique non-traditional furniture colors. This furniture pad set from SoftTouch is a perfect match for their home.

The felt of these pads works well on any kind of flooring. The grip and rigidity of the felt act fine over any floor. Besides, it offers easy movability of the furniture too. It leaves no scratch or mark on the floor and serves its purpose effectively.

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5. SoftTouch 4291995N Square Carpet Bottom Furniture Caster Cups

Furniture coasters for wood floorsSoftTouch has a good collection of varieties of furniture pads. The leading brand is ensuring surface protection for so many years now. For furniture in every room, they have something in their sleeves to offer.

Besides its other collections, the brand offers its users a whole new product: square caster cups. It is the carpet-bottom hardwood floor protector designed uniquely to match your diverse furniture shapes.

Feature Highlights
  • Unique shape pads can be used for furniture with unique shapes and sizes.
  • Plastic cups make it long-lasting and durable, can be used for a long time.
  • It is resistant to impacts, which helps the furniture stay in a fixed place.
  • Easy to use. No adhesive is required for installation.

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You can use it for tables, chairs, sofas, and even heavier furniture like cabinets and wardrobes. The good news is these caster cups can also be implanted on electric appliances such as fridges and IPS.

The box comes with 4 pieces of pads, with a single color choice. The color of the pads is grey to match your dark classy furniture. The cups are made of durable plastics with the imposed carpeted bottom.

It is highly recommended for avoiding scratches and scruffs on the hardwood floors. It serves its purpose very well. Its shape and size are also important factors for its desirability and durability. The pads have a high capability to withstand wear, pressure or damage. They work fine on all types of floors including hardwood, ceramic and linoleum floors.

6. X-PROTECTOR 10 Pack Premium Felt Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floor

Best felt pads for hardwood floors

For the sake of protecting your most valuable and shiny floors, using floor protectors is a must.

X-Protector is a leading brand that creates a wide range of furniture pads.

Retaining their commitment to providing excellent provision, the brand X-Protector brought out their latest collection of 10 pack premium felt furniture pads.

Feature Highlights
  • Free size and shape. Can be cut into any shape or size as desired.
  • Eco-friendly felt. It will not create any damage to the environment.
  • Strong tenacious adhesive. It will stick to the furniture for a long time.
  • Non-resistant pads. The furniture can be easily moved even with the X-protector felt pads on them.

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It comes in a single color with respect to the most common color of wooden furniture such as brown. It camouflages with the dark-colored wooden furniture, mostly the dark brown ones. Besides serving its purpose, it gives a nice finish to the furniture.

This furniture felt pad has a free size feature. Though it comes in a specific size of 8”x6” and a rectangular shape; but, it can easily re-sized and re-shaped. You can cut it into any possible shape and size you want. As a result, it fits almost any furniture feet you have in the house.

These pads are suitable for any type of furniture, from light to heavy. Its density and material are two big factors contributing to its durability.

7. SlipToGrip Non Slip Furniture Gripper for Hardwood Floors

Furniture gripper for hardwood floorsThe company offers a wide range of furniture pads collection. Their multi size premium pad gripper is one of them.

The SlipToGrip furniture gripper is all you need to stick your furniture in a place temporarily. This heavy-duty felt pad works like magic. Once it’s implanted under the furniture, there is no chance for it to move an inch.

The magic gripper from SlipToGrip makes sure the furniture stays in its place.

Feature Highlights
  • The furniture pad stops the furniture from gliding and scratches.
  • No adhesive or nail necessary for implantation. No possibility of damaging the furniture.
  • It has multiple sizes in one sheet, and can be cut into any size desirable.
  • Heavy-duty felt core of 3/8” ensures heavyweight holding and serving the purpose properly.

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The pad comes in a square shape. Each sheet has a size-based marking on it. The required size can be chopped off by regular scissors.

No adhesive is required to implant the pad on the furniture. Nails and pins are also not necessary for it. Simply putting the pad in between the floor and the furniture will serve the purpose. The pad has a gripper on either side. As a result, it can face the floor and the furniture with any side.

Though the rubber pad is said to assist efficiently as a gripper, it leaves marks on the wooden floor making the contact area orangish in color. Other than this issue, the product is very good at its work.

8. Super Sliders 4318795N Felt Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floor

Furniture leg pads for hardwood floorsSuper Slider is very famous in the world of furniture pads. The brand has been highly praised for its contribution to the industry.

The furniture pads from Super Slider are one of a kind. The sliders work on any type of floor. It slides effortlessly over any floor– hardwood, tiled, linoleum or even over carpet.

It protects the floor and also allows the furniture to move smoothly. It helps in the reduction of friction and leaves no chance of creating noise. Hence, the slider ensures no scratch, no sound and easy movement.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy sliding featurehelps heavy furniture move easily.
  • Made of felt and plastic for ensuring durability.
  • The felt bottom provides a friction-free movement.
  • Round plastic form ensures rigidity and remains fixed to the furniture.

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However, easy gliding does not refer to sudden sliding or accidents. The pad also ensures super secured grip, and that makes it among the best. Besides the sliding effect, it also offers necessary grip to the furniture too.

The pad is made of plastic and felt. The side facing the floor has felt bottom whereas the plastic part attaches to the furniture leg. The felt creates a smooth surface facilitating the slippery effect with a slight grip.

The pad comes in two colors: brown and linen. It works for both dark-colored furniture and light ones. The coloring is necessary to conceal the pad’s existence.

9. Alimitopia40pcs Furniture Felt Pad for Hardwood Floor

Furniture feet protectors wood floorsAlimitopia is one of the renowned brands of furniture pads. They sell the best quality furniture pads to ensure a 100% protected floor.

In this collection of furniture pads, they offered 40 pieces of pads in 1 pack. They are round in shape and come in a single size.

An important feature of this slider glide pad is unlike self-stick adhesive pads this pad has a nail fixed to it for attaching to the furniture. It is only applicable to wooden furniture. You can use this high-quality carbon steel nail of the pad only on the wooden furniture.

Feature Highlights
  • Thanks to heavy grip to the furniture leg with a nail, it lasts longer than adhesive pads.
  • The padoffers multiple colors and multiple choices for different furniture.
  • High quality and high density-maintained guarantee endurance.
  • Perfect sizing for regular use.

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The body of the pad is made of the non-toxic plastic case and high-density fine felt. The plastic top holds the felt bottom. The bottom part faces the floor and ensures smooth sliding and zero friction; it prevents the furniture from making annoying noises and unwanted scratches.

The nailing of the pad with furniture ensures long-lasting attachment to the furniture. For attaching the pad, make a hole on the designated furniture foot. Otherwise, the nail can be bent or even break due to accidental missed hammering. This, in turn, might damage the whole felt pad. Besides, there can be huge damage to the furniture too.

10. SOFTTOUCH 4990395N Heavy Duty Felt Pads for Hardwood Floor

Furniture coasters for wood floorsAnother collection of heavy-duty furniture pad by Soft Touch is the 4990395N felt pad. This felt pad is for furniture in everyday use.

It makes your regular furniture movement easier than before. It ensures your furniture leaves no scratch or scruff on your hardwood floors.

Feature Highlights
  • Easy setup process without any drilling. No extra hassle or no damage to the furniture.
  • No adhesive attachment. It leaves no issue of glue residue on the furniture legs.
  • High grip is ensured, zero possibility of slipping off.
  • The considerable thickness of the felt helps it go through extensive wear and tear.

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These pads are serviceable on hardwood, ceramic, tiled, linoleum and other laminated floors. They give 100% provision for maintaining a nice and shiny floor. If you are using Soft Touch felt pads, furniture can do no damage to your beautiful floor no matter how big and heavy it is.

The heavy-duty furniture pads are made of plastic, felt and metal. The bottom of the pad has fine felt which acts as the protector from friction. A plastic body holds the felt of the pad, and the metal nail is installed on it.

The installation process of these pads does not require any adhesive or any pilot hole. The felt pads can be easily installed on the furniture leg just tapping once or twice. It ensures a hefty grip and long-lasting use. However, these pads are useable only on wooden furniture. They are not for plastic, metal or other furniture types.


Buying Guide for Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Buying anything becomes easy when you know which features to look for in that specific product. For making your shopping easy, here is my guide for buying best rated furniture pads for hardwood floors.

Installment Process

The first thing to consider while buying a furniture pad is its installation method. If the product fails to stay in its place due to bad installation, all those fusses would be worth it.

There are several ways of installing furniture pads as per the types of pads found in the market. Some come with self-stick pre-applied adhesive linings. All you have to do is to peel off the sticker and cover over the adhesive lining and finally install it on the furniture.

Some come with nails on it. To install them, first, you have to drill a pilot hole on the furniture leg. Then implant the felt protector facing the felt towards the floor.

Again, some others come with a metal nail, but those do not require a pre-drilled hole to install. Such pads can be installed just by tapping it a few times on the furniture leg.

You should consider the installation process while buying a furniture pad as it may make a huge difference later.

Color Matching

Color is an important issue. If the furniture pad does not match with the furniture color, it makes it very awkward looking. The whole design and style of the furniture changes due to this mismatching. The furniture pad must be camouflaged with the furniture leg. It must not be seen that an extra pad has been installed on it.

With a matching tinted pad, your furniture would not lose its own natural look. But you should use dark-colored pads with dark-colored furniture. And with light-colored ones, light-colored pads would be the best option.

When you go shopping, please keep your furniture color in mind to avoid mismatching.

Thickness for Durability

You should consider the thickness of the felt, which will be facing the floor while buying furniture pads.

The thickness of the pads ensures the durability of the product. It measures how much wear and tear it can bear in its lifetime.

This criteria, in some sense, also depends on what kind of felt is being used. But the thicker the felt pad is the more it can take. So it should not be overlooked in any case. It is an important point to note.


What material the pad is made of is also an important fact for predicting its longevity. If it is made of low-quality material, it will definitely not last for long.By the regular use of the furniture, the pad will get damaged within a couple of months.

The most important part of the pad is the felt, and you must check what it is made of while shopping. Check if it is natural eco-friendly felt or laboratory-based?

Next comes the felt holder. For nail installment based pads, the felt is held by either a plastic case or a metal case. It should be noticed if that case is made of high-quality material or not. If it’s not that good, no matter how good the felt is, the whole felt protector will get damaged or come off with just regular use.

And for these pads, the nail quality must be checked too. If the nail comes off, breaks or bends while installing, the whole pad will be useless. All that money, all that hard work will go in vain.

Resistant or Movable= Grip vs Plain

The pads come in different forms. You must check which one you need. Some are for regularly used furniture. They are movable. Such pads have a plain surface, which favors easy movement.

Whereas, others are for not-so-often shifted furniture, and they need a solid grip to stay fixed in a place. For such furniture, use the resistant pads which are called furniture gripper. They have a rubber base ensuring a solid grip. They do not allow the furniture to move and keep it on its place rigidly.

So, you must check which one you need for your furniture before making the purchase.

Self Adhesive Anti Scratch Felt-Furniture-Pads-for-Hardwood-Floors

FAQs About Hardwood Floors Furniture Pads

1. Can the furniture pads damage the furniture?

Ans. Yes, they can. Most of the furniture pads will not cause any harm to the furniture. However, not all furniture pads will ensure that. You have to choose from the best ones to make sure nothing happens to the furniture and it stays intact. Cheap and bad-quality furniture pads might damage your furniture and floor.

2. Is it possible to remove the pads from the furniture or is it permanent?

Ans. No, it is not permanent. The furniture pads can be removed anytime you want. It is as easy as its installation.

3. Does the pad damage the furniture while removing it?

Ans. It depends on the quality of the pad you used. High-quality furniture pads do not create any fuss or leave any mark to the furniture. It comes off easily. But the low-quality ones might create an issue. The adhesive pads may leave glue marks and make the foot rough.

However, whatever the quality is, the ones with nails will leave a permanent hole on the foot of your furniture.

4. Can the furniture slip off the pad?

Ans. No, most of the time, it is not an issue if the quality of the pads is good. High-quality pads give high attraction capability, which ensures the furniture stays put on its place and does not slide off. Whereas the cheap ones fail to ensure strong adhesive or holding capability, consequently your furniture can glide off the pad.

What’s Next

‘A stitch in time saves nine.’ This proverb goes best with your current situation. If you act for protecting your costly hardwood floor now, it would not cost you more later.

With a few simple solutions, for a small amount of money, you can save the damage worth a lot. These best furniture pads for hardwood floors are the life saviors if you consider so.

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