The Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chairs of 2022

Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair

Humans’ biological ancestry shows that our forebears were agile and quick, never lacking stamina—and that’s why we are now at the top of the food chain.

These days, however, the majority of humans spend our days in front of screens, sitting in the same seat for hours. Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are now the norm for many people.

If you’re one of those people, then you know that back pain is a common complaint. However, unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury to make exercise a priority.

The solution is to pick out the best lumbar support cushion for your office chair yourself. Such cushions not only tackle your back pain but ensure better long-term spine health.

Here are 6 of the best ones reviewed.

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Top 6 Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Office Chair Reviews

For many of us, a sedentary lifestyle is unavoidable; however, the adverse effects can be reduced. Here are our picks of the best lumbar support cushions after much research and discussion.

List of Top 6 Best Lumbar Support Cushions for Office Chair

  1. LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion
  2. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Cushions
  3. ACVCY Lumbar Mesh Support for Office Chair or Car Seat
  4. Feager Lumbar Support Back Cushion for Office Chair
  5. Winjoy Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair
  6. FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Cushion

1. LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Best Lumbar support pillow for office chair

The first back support pillow for an office chair on our list is a very popular lumbar pillow from LoveHome. Reasonably priced yet offering all of the features considered most important in a good lumbar pillow, it’s easy to see why this one is so highly rated.

This pillow has been constructed with the highest quality of memory foam, which has the ability to conform to the particular shape of your back.

Combined with the ergonomic streamline molding, this cushion offers the perfect lumbar support for anyone who spends most of their days in a sedentary position.

Feature Highlights
  • Firm memory foam does not flatten even after years of use
  • Includes two straps that are fully adjustable for your comfort
  • 3D mesh cover promotes ventilation; removable and washable
  • Comes in 8 different colors, including blue, black, grey and purple
  • Ideal for a number of applications including car seat, office chair, and wheelchair

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Yep, that does mean that you can use this pillow for purposes other than adding support to your office chair. Especially considering that the cushion comes with two adjustable straps, you can easily integrate this pillow into your surroundings, be it a wheelchair, car seat, or even a reclining chair.

The 3D mesh cover that houses the pillow is also worth a mention. Because it’s breathable, it provides ample ventilation for your back, which is another important aspect in facilitating your comfort.

Oh, and this thing comes in a number of attractive colors, including blue and purple. All in all, this pillow shapes up to be the ideal addition to your office chair or the perfect gift for that sedentary loved one in your life.

2. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Cushions Combo

Best back support for office chair

Lumbar cushions are important, but they only provide support for your back. Many forget to take into account that your buttocks are also a part of the whole picture. This is why sets like this are important.

The back cushion will, of course, support your spine and promote a healthier sitting posture. But the coccyx pillow, in our opinion, is what makes this set a game-changer. “Wait, what’s a coccyx?” you say, straining to recall the one time you heard this word in some high-school biology class.

Well, your coccyx is a small triangular bone that sits at the base of your spine. Adequate support to the coccyxis a crucial aspect of facilitating a healthier posture, and this pillow does exactly that.So this set simultaneously prioritizes you’re your comfort and back support.

Feature Highlights
  • 2-set pillow promotes back health as well as supports your bottom
  • Designed with an anatomic shape to fit the body’s curves
  • Equipped with 3D mesh for breathability and comfort
  • Soft and durable zipped velour cover can be removed easily and washed
  • Premium quality memory foam distributes weight and supports

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Both the pillows in this set are filled with premium quality memory foam, which works to evenly distribute your weight while supporting your specific shape. The cover is made from durable yet soft velour, which can be removed easily thanks to the zipper for when you need to wash it. Finally, the seat’s bottom, made from rubber, keeps the cushion securely in place.

You might be wondering why it’s a 2-piece set instead of one complete pillow. The tailbone cutaway does serve a purpose: it actually works towards decreasing the pressure on your spine, so that your overall back health is ensured. Finally, given the price of this thing, we think it’s a huge steal!

3. ACVCY Lumbar Mesh Back Support for Office Chair or Car Seat

Best back support for office chair

Our next pick stands out as a unique means of supporting your back. The efficiency and comfort you can expect from this product prove that the best back support for an office chair doesn’t always have to be a pillow.

No, it can also come in the form of mesh support! Made from premium quality PP, elastic and mesh, this is back support that can be used anywhere and any time thanks to its portability. It’s easy to install in a jiffy, thanks to an included adjustable strap.

Feature Highlights
  • PP, mesh and elastic combine to create a unique and comfortable back support
  • Breathable mesh construction keeps you dry and fresh
  • Ideal for placement in car seats and office chairs
  • Orthopedic and ergonomic design contours to the shape of your body
  • Effortlessly relieves strain on your mid and lower back

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You might think that this product wouldn’t compare to the comfort of a pillow, but you’d be wrong. Although it might take some getting used to, the ergonomic and orthopedic design of this product ensures that your back learns to adapt and be comfortable. Many people actually think this is more efficient than using a support cushion.

And because the whole thing is made from mesh, it offers unmatched breathability no matter where you place it. That is, as we know, one of the most important aspects of back support; no one wants a sweaty back that assaults the nostrils!

And the best part? This is undoubtedly one of the most affordable items that we’ve placed on this list. ACVCY is here to prove that you don’t have to splurge on a fancy cushion to be comfortable and supported.

seating position in office chair with back support

4. Feager Lumbar Support Pillow/Back Cushion for Office Chair

Best Office chair cushion for back pain

This back support cushion is one of the most intuitive and unique options for those looking for the perfect lumbar support pillow for an office chair. We love it in particular because it offers support for your entire back, not just the lower and middle parts of it!

Filled with high-density memory foam of the highest quality, this seat molds itself to the contours of your body while still retaining its orthopedic shape, which allows you to enjoy full back support.

This seat is housed in a combination of soft velvet and mesh. The former ensures that you are comfortable in your seat, while the latter promotes breathability and keeps you feeling fresh, dry, and odor-free.

Feature Highlights
  • Offers full back support – upper, middle and lower
  • Contoured ergonomic design supports all user heights
  • Comes with dual straps to facilitate secure placement
  • Filled with premium quality, high-density memory foam for optimum comfort
  • Available in two stylish color options: black and brown

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The carefully designed contoured structure of the seat ensures that your back muscles and spine will relax while at the same time strengthening themselves.

Undoubtedly what we love best about this seat, however, is that it efficiently accommodates almost all body types and heights. Furthermore, the dual straps enable it to be adjusted in whatever way you need.

This makes the cushion suitable for not only office chairs but also for car seats, wheelchairs, and for use by pregnant women. And especially given its price, it makes sense why this cushion is so popular with so many users!

5. Winjoy Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair

Ergonomic Lumbar Support Pillow, Memory Foam Back Cushion, Best Office chair back cushion

This next pillow is similar to the last one we reviewed, in that it offers full back support. We’ve chosen this seat to be on our list because of its ergonomic design, breathable construction material, and adjustability. Let’s look at those features more closely.

One of the main reasons some people prefer taller back support cushions as opposed to the conventional ones we reviewed earlier is because of the larger surface area. This allows you to receive the benefits of support for your entire back, not just a few concentrated areas.

Feature Highlights
  • The contoured shape of the seat keeps you comfortable while holding your position securely
  • The adjustable straps allow the seat to be used in a number of different applications
  • Zippered cover can be removed quickly for cleaning or maintenance
  • The breathable mesh lining ensures that enough ventilation occurs
  • Available in black and navy blue color options

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This is helped in no small part by the contoured shape of the seat, which allows for sturdy and reliable support while ensuring your comfort. Both sides of your spine are supported, and the memory foam molds to the specific shape of your back.

The double straps included with the seat play an important role in making this happen. They have been designed such that they can suit the vast majority of applications, from use in wheelchairs to car seats to office chairs. The buckles are durably built, as well.

But the comfort and convenience don’t stop there, thanks to the breathable mesh used in the front of the chair. This allows for ventilation, which in turn keeps your back dry and fresh-smelling. When the time does come to wash the seat cover, it can be easily removed by unzipping.

6. FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Cushion

Best Back support pillow for office chair, Lumbar Support for Office Chair, Car, Wheelchair, Memory Foam Pillow

The final lumbar cushion we’ve selected for your consideration is also undoubtedly the most premium, high-end option on our list. Accordingly, it might be a little too expensive for those who are looking for affordable back support options; if that doesn’t sound like you, though, you’re in for a treat!

This is a 2-piece set, which means it comes with support for both your back and your bottom. The seat cushion, as we established in an earlier review, lifts the pressure from your coccyx, a crucial bone at the base of your spine. The lumbar cushion accommodates your lower back while fortifying your posture.

Feature Highlights
  • Two separate components support both back and bottom
  • Ergonomic contoured shape fortifies your posture while ensuring your comfort
  • The seat cushion cover is made from soft, comfortable velour
  • 3D mesh encasement of the lumbar cushion allows for breathability

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Both seat components are made with the highest quality memory foam. The seat cushion is housed inside a comfortable and soft velour cover, while the lumbar comes with a 3D ventilated mesh cover for ultimate breathability. The covers of both cushions are washable and, since they are zippered, they’re very easy to remove in an instant.

The additional features this set provides are also quite impressive. Not only do the seats both come with straps for optimal adjustability, but they are also very lightweight, which makes them portable. It goes without saying that you can use this set for a number of applications, as well.

Yes, it’s true that this is an expensive back and lumbar support set; however, when it comes to matters of health, we do believe that bigger investments are worth it. Besides, durability is always a top concern, and this set definitely promises it!

A man suffering Lumbar pain sitting in office chair

FAQ’s about Lumbar Support Cushions for Office Chair

1. Why do I need a lumbar cushion for my office chair?

A lumbar cushion supports your back while you’re sitting, promoting a better posture. This, in turn, guards against back pain, as the overall strain on your muscles is reduced.

2. How do I choose an office chair cushion for back pain?

First of all, consider your posture and the particular shape of your back (for example, if your back is flat, a D-shaped pillow will work better for you). Next, your pillow should be breathable and soft, yet sturdy. Adjustability is also important for optimal comfort.

3. How do lumbar cushions help with back pain?

Because they are soft, they get rid of the tired feeling in your muscles easily. And because they are usually made with materials that mold to the shape of the user, they offer customer support.

4. What can I do to get rid of back pain?

Spend less time sitting/lying down. Do core workouts. Quit smoking if you smoke. Improve your sleeping position. And of course, buy a lumbar pillow for your office chair!

5. Where am I supposed to place the lumbar cushion?

For optimal results, it’s recommended that the cushion is placed such that it’s supporting the middle of your back. Also, read this article To know more details about proper lumbar support placement.

Final Words

Clearly, more than one product could fit the description of the best lumbar support cushion for office chairs. However, we do have a soft spot for the LoveHome Lumbar Support Back Cushion, thanks to both its performance and affordability.

If you have a bigger budget, however, we would definitely recommend the FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support, as it is a set that supports your entire back.

May you always enjoy good health. Good luck!

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