The Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease | Top 7 Options In 2022

Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease

No matter if your oven claims to have a self-cleaning feature or not, you will definitely have to clean all the built-up grease and grime from time to time.

If you stay headless just because the manufacturer says it can self-clean itself, within no time, you will realize how dirty it gets inside the oven.

You will need the best oven cleaner for baked on grease to be able to clean the interior properly. Foods taste much better in a cleaner oven.

If you are in pursuit of a good quality grease cleaner, be sure to check out these reviews to ensure you invest your money in the best product.

Top 7 Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease Reviews

After days of research, I found a handful of oven cleaners that produced great results, and among them, these 7 products are the best.

List of Top 7 Best Oven Cleaner Degreaser for Baked on Messes

  1. Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner Spray
  2. Grab Green Power Degreaser Oven Cleaner with Sprayer
  3. Product Of Member’s Mark Commerical Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner
  4. Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser For Oven Grill Stove Tops
  5. Zep Heavy-Duty Oven And Grill Cleaner Degreaser Spray
  6. Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray
  7. FS – Industrial Strength Gel Cleaner For Oven, Grill, Stoves

1. Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner Spray

Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner SprayIf you always rush to get the meal on the table and often don’t pay much attention to cleaning due to the hassle you have to go through, this oven cleaner can be a great solution for that.

Within a very short time, it manages to clean the oven effectively. It doesn’t contain any fume that assures you of its reliability as well.

You just spray it and wait until it fully dissolves, the formula works within 5 minutes of applying and deeply cleans the stubborn grease in the oven quite effectively. Also, it works great as an oven cleaner for burnt-on grease without struggling.

Feature Highlights
  • Advanced cleaning formula
  • Starts cleaning in 5 minutes
  • Clean stubborn stains and burnt food
  • Easy to use
  • No harsh fume

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No need for hard scrubbing or scraping to get them off. You are okay using this spray even if you don’t wear any hand gloves.

The formula can deeply penetrate tough grease and grime and provides the best results every time. Apart from using it in an oven, you can also use the formula to clean BBQ grills, broilers, pans, and even use it as a standard stainless steel cleaner.

You will notice the difference in taste in foods before and after cleaning the oven.

Downside: Do not apply this cleaner using a green pad, or you’ll risk ruining the non-stick coating used for the interior of the ovens.


Patience is key with this product. Sometimes, it may take a few hours to get all the grease out of the ovens. However, the product rewards your efforts. Once you wipe it down, the surface will be as shiny and clean as new.

2. Grab Green Tangerine with Lemongrass Power Degreaser Oven Cleaner

Grab Green Tangerine with Lemongrass Power Degreaser Oven CleanerWith this cleaning pack, you can clean a lot more than just your oven. It’s super strong cleaning agent can handle the toughest grease and grime build-up of stovetops, microwaves, and more as well.

Unlike conventional cleaners, it doesn’t require you to put an extra effort while getting rid of grease stain and grime from your oven.

You will find the formula effectively cleans the most stubborn build-up without using any harsh chemicals and odor at all.

Even though the formula is one of the strongest ones that you can find, still there is no harmful ingredient used to make it.

Feature Highlights
  • Effortlessly cleans toughest grease and grime
  • Versatile use
  • Made with plant-based biodegradable and naturally derived resources
  • Soothing essential oil smell
  • Very safe for health

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If you are looking for a safer cleaner for your family, this naturally-derived, biodegradable cleaner is the right pick. It’s the best non-toxic cleaner spray that you can get for the oven.

There will be no sticky residue or chemicals left on the cleaned surface no matter where you apply it.

The product is scented with all-natural essential oils and a plant-based formula that leaves a soothing smell after you use it.

Downside: The scent left by this product, though pleasant, may be a bit overwhelming for some people. Many recommend leaving the window open after use.


When one product isn’t enough, a set like this one comes in to save the day. With little human effort required, these degreasers leave a shiny interior in your oven. Just apply for a few minutes, use a scrubber to wipe it, and that’s it! No more grease at all.

3. Product of Member’s Mark Commerical Oven, Grill & Fryer All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

Product of Member’s Mark Commerical Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner - All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

If you need a more professional-grade cleaning formula, you may need to look at what this product has to offer to keep your oven cleaner. It’s the best oven cleaner spray on the list.

This strong cleaning formula starts working within a few seconds; whereas, most cleaners for home use take a few minutes to fully dissolve and start cleaning. With a little effort, you will be able to easily get rid of all build up from the oven.

It can even handle the toughest grease and grime conditions of commercial ovens with ease.

Feature Highlights
  • Commercial grade extra strong cleaner
  • Versatile use
  • Cleans from hot surfaces
  • Starts cleaning in seconds
  • Requires less scrubbing and scraping

Unlike conventional cleaners, it doesn’t require you to do hard scrubbing and scraping to keep your oven cleaner. You will find this formula very effective in grill, fryer, countertops, and more as well.

The cleaning agents don’t require the surface to cool down to start the cleaning.

It’s more important to maintain the taste of the foods if you have a restaurant business.

Therefore, you need a stronger formula like this one that will make sure there is no tiny carbon build-up that can even slightly lower the food quality.

Downside: Applying this product is easy but not too pleasant. The solution may come off a tad strong, meaning you better not get too close to it.


As far as cleaning formulas go, ProForce doesn’t let you know. It works almost instantly, getting rid of grease, grime, and any build-up found inside. This product is also versatile, as it not only works in ovens but on grills, countertops, fryers, and more.

4. Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser for Oven Grill, Stove Tops Multipurpose Cleaner

Stanley Home Products Original Degreaser for Oven Grill Stove Tops Multipurpose CleanerThis multi-purpose cleaner can be an ideal cleaning liquid to have in your kitchen to dissolve grease and grime from the oven, cookware, countertops, broilers, grills, fryers, equipment, tool, and many more household stainless steel made products.

In most cases, cleaner spray isn’t a good choice if you are to remove grease build-up from many places. Using a liquid formula like this one comes handy in such situations.

This degrease can provide you impressive cleaning results with much freshness.

Feature Highlights
  • Multiple purpose cleaner
  • Powerful grease cleaner liquid
  • Fast cleaning formula
  • For both home and professional cleanings

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The strong cleaning agent of this formula can effortlessly knock off hard to cut through grease and grime within just a few seconds. You can make the toughest stubborn messes disappear using hard and soft water easily.

This cost-effective package of 2 32oz bottles will be more than enough to handle regular household grease and residue cleaning jobs.

If you have any restaurant or want a cleaner for commercial cleaning purposes, you will also find this formula works like a charm.

Downside: The instructions only mention how much formula to use in regards to a gallon of water. If you use a spray or other methods of application, it’s pretty much guesswork.


Much to everyone’s surprise, this product does exactly what it promises. No doubt you have to put some effort scrubbing, but the formula handles dishes, ovens, countertops, fryers, and much more with ease. The word multi-purpose truly describes this wonderful cleaner.

Best oven cleaner for burnt on grease

5. Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner Degreaser Spray

Zep Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner Spray 19 Ounces

For over 80 years, Zep has been trusted among professionals for its superior cleaning agent. This formula doesn’t just provide you with expected cleaning performance; it takes cleaning to the next level.

No matter how badly your oven, grill, and cooking pans are stained, this spray solution can knock them off with ease.

If you are a person who always rushes to get the meal on the table and leave everything for cleaning later on, you can count on this cleaner.

Feature Highlights
  • Cleans hard to clean grease
  • Also suits stainless steel surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Removes carbon with least effort

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The formula comes in a spray bottle to make cleaning a lot easier for you. Spray the cleaner on the surfaces and let it stay there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Trust me, even though it seems the waiting time is too long, once you see the results, it will please you.

Cleaning stubborn stains and grime is a cupcake for this cleaner. You don’t even need to scrub the surfaces hard, just take a wet cloth or sponge and wipe the area.

Downside: While it works great for thinner build-ups, it takes a bit more effort to get into the crevasses and remove the more stubborn greasy areas.


Packed in a convenient and friendly can, this product works wonders. Other than being easy to use, it manages to do light-duty cleaning and degreasing in record time. For less struggle cleaning the oven, consider this product.

6. Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray

Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Spray

This fast cleaning formula is for those who are always in a hurry and want to do cleaning as quickly as possible. No need to wait until the oven cools down, you can start cleaning even when it’s hot.

If you prefer cleaning just after preparing a meal, and leave no chances for the grease to build, this cleaner spray is hard to beat.

Whether it’s build-up stubborn grease or carbonized soils, the extra cleaning power of this formula takes care of your cleanings without struggling.

You can even spray it on grills, fryers, and electric cooking appliances that have to deal with residue and grime.

Feature Highlights
  • Easily cleans strong grease build-up and carbolized soils
  • Requires minimal effort for cleaning
  • Cleans warm and cold ovens
  • Fast cleaning

Cleaning regular grease is relatively easier than cleaning baked grease. If you previously used a cleaner and didn’t get expected results, this one will not let you down. Regular day to day food spillage isn’t an issue at all for the cleaner.

You can also clean a cold stainless steel surface with the least effort.

Simply spray the formula onto your oven and wait for it to dissolve properly. Use a damp, wet cloth or sponge and wipe all the build-ups away.

You can also use it to clean pots, pans, steam table-tops, splash panels and other stainless steel materials with great convenience.

Downside: This product can irritate the skin, so be sure to apply it using the right methods to prevent any issue.


Dealing with an oven that you haven’t cleaned for a long time? No worries! With just a little bit of this product, every food remnant in there will come off with ease. You don’t even have to do a lot of scrubbing, as this stuff just gets wiped off quickly. Plus, the citrus-like scent is super nice!

7. FS Oven Clean – Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Gel Cleaner for Oven, Grill, Stoves

FS Oven Clean - Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Gel Cleaner for Oven, Grill, Stoves

The list would have been incomplete without an industrial-grade cleaner like this one. For heavy-duty oven, grill, and stove cleaning jobs, you can count on this high strength formula.

This cleaner is a high-viscosity cleaning gel that guarantees to clean the toughest grease and grime that ordinary cleaning formulas are unable to handle.

Whether it’s food soils, protein, fats, starch, sticky grime, stains, or sugars on a wide variety of food processing equipment, you will find this cleaner very effective.

It’s hard to find such a strong, non-toxic and fumes-free cleaning formula that works like a tonic. If you are looking for an easy-off fume free oven cleaner, it would be worth the deal.

Feature Highlights
  • Industrial cleaning strength
  • Great results at cleaning all types of build-ups
  • Applicable on various surfaces
  • Non-toxic and fume-free formula

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The formula is much safer for copper, brass, stainless steel, magnesium, and various materials.

For thicker build-ups, you may need to wait for 15 minutes after applying the liquid on a surface for better results. You can also dilute the formula with water by 1:1 and apply using a low-pressure sprayer for convenience.

Unlike most conventional cleaners, this biodegradable degreaser rinses very easily and brings a clean and fresh look on appliances.

Downside: It takes a bit longer to work with thicker build-ups. Even then, it’s far less time when compared to other cleaners.


While not as fancy as the other, this is the heavy-duty cleaning product you want when the others fail. It gets rid of everything, and the time required to do so is also surprising.

young girl cleaning the woven with oven cleaner spray and soft towel

What to Look for Before Buying Oven Cleaner?

The cleaning effectiveness depends on various factors that require your attention before you make a purchase. Some professional-grade cleaners work like a tonic. But, such cleaners aren’t ideal for home use as it requires you to make some compromise with the chemical issue.

Degreasing Power

Cleaning formulas take a while to start the degreasing processes. This period varies from product to product. The longer you allow the cleaner to stay on the greasy surface, the better it will clean. But, not everyone needs to wait for too long.

If you normally prefer to clean your oven everyday after preparing a meal, that means you don’t allow the grease to build-up strongly. In that case, go for a cleaning solution that works fast and requires less time to start the cleaning.

On the other hand, if you don’t regularly clean your oven, you do it once every two or three days or even weeks, you will need to wait longer to be able to degrease the oven. Therefore, look for a cleaner that works slowly and consider leaving overnight to get a superior finish.

Elbow Grease

This term refers to how much effort you need to put in and how hard you need to scrub and scour the surfaces after applying the cleaner to be able to degrease properly.

If you regularly have to deal with tough baked-on grease, go for one that stays overnight. It will require much less scrubbing and scouring effort to get the job done as the cleaner will get enough time to deeply penetrate into the build-ups.


When it’s about choosing a degreaser depending on the components it’s made of; most people will choose one that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it. Chemical and fume-free cleaners are good for family use. However, keep in mind that the cleaning ability isn’t that strong compared to ones that include chemicals.

Commercial grade heavy-duty cleaners are based on chemicals, and they work great against grease and other build-ups in the kitchen.

But, that doesn’t mean you always have to go for such a formula. Consider your requirements; if there is less grease, non-fume and non-toxic one is just right for you and your family. If you are highly sensitive to chemicals and have someone with allergies in the family, get a naturally derived biodegradable cleaner.

On the other hand, if it’s for professional cleaning or you occasionally clean your kitchen, in that case, you will need a stronger cleaning formula with chemical properties to be able to degrease the oven and other appliances efficiently.

Versatile Use

There are some cleaning formulas that you can use for other cleaning purposes as well. Apart from the oven, you can degrease other electric appliances of your kitchen, as well as remove build-ups from stainless steel surfaces.No matter if it’s cookware, bakeware, other kitchen appliances, and even your bicycle and tools.

From an economic perspective, it would be great to have a multi-purpose degreaser only if it meets your primary need, which is cleaning the oven.

cleaning the woven with oven cleaner and soft rugs

Frequently Asked Questions about Oven Cleaner

1. What is the best oven cleaner for occasional cleaning?

If you clean the oven occasionally, the inside must be invaded by stubborn grease and grime that are hard to get off. In that case, go for a stronger formula that works overnight.

2. Can I use a non-fume chemical-free oven cleaner for tough to clean grease?

Non-chemical cleaners don’t have enough strength to deal with stubborn build-ups of your oven. In such cases, you will need a cleaner with chemicals to clean effectively. If the build-ups aren’t that strong, and you regularly clean the oven, go for a non-toxic cleaning formula.

3. How do I get baked on grease off my oven?

For this kind of mess and build-ups, consider applying an oven cleaner and leave it overnight to properly dissolve onto the mess, and do little scrubbing with a damp cloth or sponge in the morning to get them off effectively.

4. Do self-cleaning ovens clean effectively?

Self-cleaning ovens are great for day to day cleaning. But if you only rely on its self-cleaning feature, after a few weeks, the oven will stink, and it will reduce the overall food taste.

5. Are non-toxic no-fume oven cleaners good?

Non-chemical and zero fume oven cleaners do a great job of cleaning day-to-day grease from the oven’s surface. However, if you occasionally clean the oven once every week, this option isn’t for you.

Final Words

If you don’t clean your oven daily thinking that it requires much effort, the best oven cleaner for baked on grease can help you to easily get off the messes with the least scrubbing and scouring. The more frequently you use such a cleaner, the easier it will be to degrease the inside and out.

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