5 Real Hacks to Keep Furniture from Sliding on Wood Laminate Floors

Hacks to Keep Furniture from SlidingBeing a homeowner with a floor made of hardwood means you would be doing quite a frequent furniture re-positioning.

You might be tired of telling your kids not to jump around the couch or create a mess that becomes too irritating to deal with later.

But these kids! They don’t usually listen to such requests, and we have nothing to do about their naiveness.

Now maybe you are a hard-tolerant parent, but your hard floor might not have that patience. And as a result, it suffers from quite a few negative impacts for constantly moving that couch or any furniture. Sometimes, the aesthetics of furniture gets compromised as well.

Solution? Well, I’ve some quick hacks to keep furniture from sliding on wood floors. Keep on Reading.

How to Stop Furniture from Sliding : 5 Incredible Hacks

I know you have already started to feel curious about the hacks that can stop furniture from sliding on carpet and floors. Well, I’m not going to make you wait. Here are five quick and probably the most useful ones below. Enjoy!

The Bottom of Your Furniture Needs Extra Grip

how to stop furniture from sliding on laminate floors

The simplest hack to try for keeping furniture at their place is using peel and stick grips or furniture pad. Yes, these are quite common and useful. And also, these are super easy to stick with the bottom of sofa, table legs, and even chair.

The attachments help in preventing any sort of slipping activity. You can expect them to glue well with the existing plastic nub of your furniture legs.

Just make sure to have the right measurements for width and diameter of exiting furniture leg’s numb. And then go for buying a set of peel and stik grip pads that come with similar size. You should have sufficient grips to stick with all the legs of your existing furniture.

With passing time, these grips may become less sticky and get worn out. So, know when to replace them. If there are too many furniture items that need prevention from slipping, buy a huge size. You can easily fit them in tiny chair legs or nub by simple trimming.

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Add Grip Without Any Stickiness

Now, what if you don’t like the idea of adding any sort of adhesive into your precious and expensive furniture bottoms? Maybe you are fearing that the glue or adhesive will damage he furniture’s material and wear these out.

That’s not a wrong thing to think because it’s quite possible. And so, for furniture that needs hardly any re-positioning or moving, especially the heavier ones, you can simply get some furniture grippers.

These are pretty much made of rubber. Anybody worrying about how to stop furniture from sliding on laminate floors, this is your answer.

Because of its texture, the grip stays very well in position with the bottom of your furniture. And so, it helps in clinging with the floor. This can be bought in a larger size than necessary. Later you just need to place them beneath every leg. You can even try trimming if the presence is too noticeable.

DIY Grips Are Also Phenomenal at Preventing Sliding

Now some of us are really good at DIYing and making stuff ourselves. I’ve something interesting for you if that’s the group where you belong. You can simply use an easy DIY to make your own version of furniture gripper that works fantastically.

For this, you just need one sheet of the rubbery liner that is non-slippery. Now according to your furniture’s leg width, simply cut squares. You can try layering many together beneath every furniture leg. For furniture that needs to stay put, these are fantastic choices. Good examples, in this case, are end tables and couch.

No Scratches on Laminate Flooring with Cup Style Grips & Caps

Now there is quite a few furniture that does not come with any protective plastic feet or nubs at ends. And so, there is a high chance of damaging your laminate flooring due to scratches these legs leave behind. Usually, the dining chair comes with such sort of troubles. And because you may need these to move frequently, the trouble seems even serious.

Using slip-on caps can be an ideal solution. You simply need to add them through the end of furniture legs. And instantly there will be no sign or fear of scratches ruining the floor at all. You should, however, choose a rubber version for such caps.

There are also square or round shaped cup-style grips made of rubber to try for this. The center indentation needs to be huge enough in such a cup-style grip. So that it can easily hold the leg of furniture within. The only problem with these two options is that you can’t really hide them. They are quite visible and noticeable by visitors.

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Area Rug Can Be A Universal Solution

To keep furniture from slipping on both wooden or laminate flooring, area rugs can be an outstanding option too. In fact, these are perfect for spaces such as the living room. You need to place one end of this rug beneath the sofa’s front leg. Around the rug’s perimeter, you can place the side chairs.

If you are considering an area rug for dining room, then match the size with existing table. It should be huge enough to hold the whole dining table. Even better if the rug can hold each chair when in use, at least a little area.

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how to stop furniture from sliding on laminate floors


And these were my 5 favorite hacks to keep furniture from sliding. There are a bunch of other tricks that you can use as well, but I find these pretty common and simple. Try these according to your problem related to furniture sliding.

Sometimes you can even make your own solution by being a bit creative. Scan your house and figure out what stuff can add that extra grip to hold your precious furniture in place. I’m sure, you’ll be finding way more options to go for this way. Good Luck!

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