How to Clean Burnt Stains from Stainless Steel Stove | 4 Tested Solutions

How to Clean Burnt Stains from Stainless Steel StoveOne of the main reasons why people love having stainless steel appliances is because it always brings a lot of sleekness to a space. The overall sophistication that a stainless-steel piece can provide inside your kitchen is probably why you bought a stove with this material.

However, with a stainless-steel cooktop, there’s a definite need to keep it clean for maintaining that shiny appearance we are talking about. And that becomes quite difficult with burnt stains all over the stove.

So, finding ways on how to clean burnt stains from stainless steel stove is definitely important.

Here Are 4 Solutions on How to Clean Burnt Stains from Stainless Steel Stove

With that being said, you must also consider that the regular porcelain-style stovetop cleaners and scrub pads available at stores are some of the disaster-causing stuff that needs to be ignored. And so, below we are prioritizing solutions that are meant for just cleaning, not worsening the situation even more…

how to get burn marks off a stainless steel stove

First Try the Conventional Style Cleaning

In the beginning, you should always attempt the hot water method. Because more than often, this is enough to get rid of burnt stains if it is not made a very long time ago. You will need some hot water and a safe to use liquid soap for this.

By this, it means the soap should not come with any ingredient that is harmful to stainless steel. You will also require a scrubber. Go for the nylon made ones since these provide a very mild but enough amount of abrasion needed to use on stainless steel without pushing it towards any damage.

Once you give it a gentle scrub and the stains seem to come off completely, rinse with clean water. Use a towel to make it dry immediately. Don’t leave it wet as this can cause watermarks and streaks on. And if this simple method works for you then voila, things sorted out pretty quickly. However, if not, then there are other ways to go too. Keep on Reading…

Some Lemon Juice Can Do Wonders

You can clean burnt stainless-steel stove top marks without spending big amounts on expensive cleaning products. Because one of the items available at your home (or easily purchasable) can do wonders at getting rid of these nasty marks. Lemon Juice!

The simple recipe we’re about to talk about contains zero harsh chemicals or elements. So, there’s no question of causing any harm to your precious stainless-steel stove. You’ll need a cup of lukewarm water, one tablespoon of lemon squeezed juice, and a quarter-cup of liquid soap. That’s it.

Bring a large bowl to your kitchen counter. Mix all the ingredients together in it. Get a clean cloth and dip it inside this solution. Then you need to wring the cloth to make it less drippy. Now using the cloth, gently rub over the burnt marks. It will take some time to get rid of those stains. So, don’t be in a rush with this. Once the stove seems to shine like before, you can stop wiping.

If the stains are too stubborn, you can keep a damp cloth over them for a while. Let it rest in that position for at least half an hour. And then you can scrub anything that comes off. Use another clean rag to get rid of all the residue of cleaner. And you can enjoy a stain-free stovetop.

how to remove burn marks from stainless steel

Let the Oil & Vinegar Help

Another mind-blowing recipe including oil and vinegar can get burn marks off a stainless steel stove for you easily. This recipe does not only help with burn marks but also buildups if you use it frequently.

Make sure you use a microfiber cloth for gently wiping this mixture made of oil and vinegar on the surface with burnt marks. Once those nasty marks come off, you can rinse the area with clean water to get rid of any residue. If the oil seems to be not coming off, you can use a little bit of liquid soap for giving it another wiping session. And the oil residue should leave just like that.

One thing you should be aware of is that this method isn’t appropriate for stainless steel stove that comes with an oleophobic finish. Your instruction manual will surely mention the note in such a case. That’s why it is important to always read the manual guidelines before trying anything at all. Make sure you keep this point into consideration before trying the solution.

The Multipurpose Baking Soda Paste

This one is definitely a favorite of many due to the fact that it works for countless surfaces to get a good cleanup. And it includes the stainless-steel stove too. If absolutely nothing works in removing the stubborn burnt marks, then there’s a good chance this baking soda mixture will do the trick. As it’s not very mild of a solution and also not absolutely harsh to cause damage.

You can combine baking soda with a gentle liquid soap. The consistency should be of a paste, not too liquid. Use this paste for applying over the stains so that it covers nicely. Then you want to give the paste a few minutes to settle into those stains to work.

Get a nylon cleaning tool for gently scrubbing the paste. You want to follow the grains while doing so. Also, you can use an old toothbrush instead of the nylon thing. This way you can work with enough friction without including any aggressive abrasives to cause danger. Rinse the paste off after wiping it with a clean cloth. The burnt marks should be off by then.

A steel stove top after cleaning burnt stains

Things to Keep in Mind:

After using any method for getting rid of burnt marks, your stove may look a bit dull and off. So, the best way to restore its lost shine is by giving a gentle polish using a lint-free cloth. Make sure you are wiping with the grain direction. Use a few drops of food-grade lemon oil to get rid of any lingering bad smell. mineral oil can also help you to buff the surface and rescue its luster.

You should always try to remove burn marks from the stainless steel stove when it is fully cool to the touch. Never deal with a cooktop that was just used or else you’ll catch some unwanted burns.

If you decide to get a Stovetop Cleaner then try finding something that specifically targets burnt marks on stainless steel. It should also be safe to use in case your stove comes with a certain type of coating on top.

Make sure to avoid any sort of chlorine bleach involvement. Simply ignore products with chlorides. These are super harmful to stainless steel finish.

Finishing Off

And that was all about how to clean burnt stains from stainless steel stove. The clean outlook of a stainless stove is good enough to keep up with the overall feel of your kitchen. So, there’s no way you can be less serious even if it’s a bare minimal cleaning thing.

The easy-to-scratch cooktop needs your careful consideration and frequent care to stay in great shape for many years to come. Anybody who would mind spending a huge amount on a replacement stove will surely be diligent and maintain their current one. We hope you are included in that list!

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