How To Hang Curtains With Rings And Hooks | Easy guide

How To Hang Curtains With Rings And Hooks

Perhaps the greatest reason that sewing is so enjoyable is the mere satisfaction felt in creating something from scratch with your own hands.

Whether you are making something for yourself, your home, or to give to someone else, the ultimate reward is the intangible delight and personal fulfillment gained in the process.

It is always difficult to do something new with ease. So, here we will give instructions on how to hang curtains with rings and hooks and also suggest some time-saving techniques.

Hanging Curtains With Hooks And Rings

Choose the hooks

To insert the hook behind the heading you should ensure that the hooks are of the identical shape and size. If any pin is too wide then press them to make it a bit tighter. This way these hooks will not come off the ring or curtain rail.

Spacing the hooksHanging Curtains With Hooks And Rings

We need a hook for making each pinch pleat. That can be 7 pin hooks for each pleat plus 1 at each end. Total 9 pin hooks. Use a marker to space the hooks evenly.

At last, fold the curtain in each half on each side and mark them. Repeat the maneuver and mark them for inserting the hooks.

Insert the hook

Hanging Curtains With Hooks And RingsInsert the hook back along the seam line of each marked point. Then place the bottom of the ring right at the top of the heading. The pin hook should be located at the marked point.

If we make a pleat we will be able to see the pin resting inside the pleat. To insert the rest of the hooks measure the length from the top edge of the heading to the bottom of the hook.

Finally, insert the pin hook about 1 cm from the side edge. Reach the buckram for added support. Make sure the pin is not noticeable from the right side. Repeat the same process for the other end of the header as well.

How to Hang Back Tab Curtains with Clip Rings

How to Hang Back Tab Curtains with Clip Rings

Choose your clip rings

Firstly we will begin with the simplest trick to hang curtains and it’s with clip rings. You need an odd number of clip rings. They come in packs of 7 usually. You can use 7-9 clip rings on a curtain. That will make spacing a lot easier.

Attach the clip rings

Attach 1 clip ring on the one end then another on the other end, and one in the middle. Now you fold the curtain in even halves on each side and attach ring clips. Repeating this maneuver add another 2 clips. You can add an even number of clips so you can get the spacing perfect because you are working with even halves. It will make them perfectly even.

Make pleat using ring clip

You can also use the ring to make a little pleat. If your curtain is a little bit too long fold the top over the amount of excess and the ring clip can take it up after attaching. Finally, pinch the inside part of the curtain and hang the curtains by clipping the rings on it.

How to Hang Curtains With Eyelet Rings

Some points to remember before starting

How to Hang Curtains With Eyelet RingsFirst thing you need to know if you want to make your own eyelet ring curtain is that it’s actually called grommets in the home deck section. Another important thing to notice that the header we are going to be put the eyelet rings needs to be at least 4 inches deep. So, we can have plenty of room to accommodate these grommets.

A trick in making such a curtain is that grommets have to be spaced correctly and we need an even number of grommets on top of each panel to make them work. Otherwise, you’re going to have one end of the curtain just sticking out of you. Always remember, they have to start at the wall and return to the wall.

In order to do that, you need an even number of Grommets. Grommets should be made of plastic or stainless steel because the metal one gets rust.

Measure for marking the center of the circle

Usually, they are going to be about 6 inches apart on center. That means you are going to start 3 inches away from your edge. So we will start by measuring 3 inches out, and put a little ‘X’ mark that is going to be the exact center of our first circle.

After that, we are going more than 6 inches. That is a total of 6 inches plus 3 inches, for a total of 9 inches from the edge. We mark here with another ‘X’. We continue doing that all the way across making sure that we end up with an even number.

If we put 2 large panels together we are going to cut 3 inches off of one side so the seam is not right in the front of the drape it actually back in one of your recesses.

Make and cut the circle

We are going to center our template that comes in the package and put the marked ‘X’ right in the middle of it and draws a circle making the center of ‘X’ the center of the circle. That is going to be where we are going to cut it out.

You can use the center cross to fold it so that you can get your top square and that you are right in the center. Then you have to cut half of it. You can also use dice to cut it. Many dices are available in the market.

Set the eyelet rings

Take 2 halves of eyelets to attach around the circle. Generally, we put the prong side on the underside of the fabrics. Line it up so that the hole right there lay the ring on top and press with your palm and we will hear a snap.

Congratulations!!! The eyelet is set. Keep doing this all the way across unless you have an eyelet ring.

How To Hang Curtains With Rings And Hooks

Final words

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced curtain maker, this article is designed to be a help and an inspiration.

I think now you have properly learnt how to hang curtains with hooks and rings and can perfectly hang your beautiful curtains with the help of this well-organized guide.

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