How to Make Pinch Pleat Curtains with Clip Rings

How to Make Pinch Pleat Curtains with Clip Rings

Your home decoration expresses your taste. It represents who you are. The good news is that you don’t need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to make your home look pretty. Even a stylish piece of curtain can provide an elegant look to your favorite dwelling.

You can beautify your simple curtain and make it look tremendously gorgeous by learning and applying some decorative designs to them. And, to assist you, here, I am going to provide a detailed guide on how to make pinch pleat curtains with clip rings.

Guides to Making Pinch Pleated Curtains

Pleated Curtains have their own beauty. They bring life to a dull room with their sophisticated appearance. However, the price of the pleated curtain is not that good. I mean, they are extremely expensive and you have very limited options to choose from.

Thankfully, you can easily make them at home with little effort. Moreover, you don’t need to sew curtains if you pinch pleats onto your existing curtains. So, let’s begin the curtain making process.

Materials Requiredhow to make pinch pleat curtains with buckram

  1. Curtain clothes
  2. Iron
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Measurement tape
  5. Clip rings
  6. Scissor

Step 01: Buying curtain cloth

If you don’t want to use your existing normal curtains or if you are going to hang curtains for the first time in your new house then this step is for you.

You should buy curtain material according to the width of your window and twice as long as the height of your window. If you can find that wide cloth you can buy three or four pieces of equal-sized curtain cloth. For example, if your window is 6 ft wide then you should buy three 2ft wide pieces of cloth. I hope now it makes sense.

Step 02: Preparing the cloth

After bringing the cloth from the store, you should first wash them using your regular detergent. This will provide a spanking new look and most importantly; it will reveal the actual size of the cloth as the many fabrics shrink after the initial wash. We have seen many curtains wasted due to this annoying shrinking effect.

So, if you discover the shrunken size at the time of making the curtain, you can easily plan your curtain keeping this new length in mind. Don’t forget to iron the cloth after washing. It will make the cloth wrinkle-free.

Step 03: Add buckram

When the curtains are prepared to have the pinch pleats attached to the top, you should strengthen the top of the curtains with stiffened buckram. It is a stiffened object, that typically is used as 5 or 6 inches for long curtains while a 4″ depth is sufficient for short curtains. Moreover, you should iron the buckram for getting a non-slip surface while working with it.

Step 04: Calculating fabric for pinch pleat curtains

Calculate the width of the cloth and add the equal length of buckram and an additional couple of inches at both ends. It will fold the curtain back strongly supporting the sides. Moreover, it is going to strengthen the location for the first hook of the curtain.

However, the remaining hooks will be placed in the pinches therefore you don’t need to worry about them. Finally, iron and measure the folded curtain length across the top.

Step 05: Pinching

After placing the buckram correctly, measure the sides of the curtain and pin the curtain keeping the buckram straight against the folded curtain clothes.

Add four or five pinches per width of cloth and three inches at each side after the final pinch. Keep 4 inches flat part between every two pleats. Carefully, spot the spaces and pinches of the curtains with pins. Form the pinch pleat section by folding pin to pin and again pinning them together.

Step 06: Sew pleated curtains

Now, sew down the pinned section using a sewing machine. Make sure that you have properly stitched. Grab a flat section, make a fold and create three pinches by pushing it downward. Stitch or pin these pinches together. Now, get one of the sewn parts and push it down to locate the midpoint.

Grabbing this section tightly, slowly push downwards so that two more pleat form near the midpoint. Sew them firmly to get your desired pinch pleat curtain shape.

Step 07: Attaching the clip rings

After getting the pleated shape, bring some clip rings. For 3ft wide curtain you need at least 5 clip rings. At first, attach 2 of them to two corners of the curtain. After that, space and connect the rest of the ring equally between these two curtain rings or you can attach one clip ring for each pleat. Your curtain is fully ready to serve its purpose.

how to make double pinch pleat curtains

How to Hang Pinch Pleat Curtains with Clip Rings

Hanging a pinch pleat curtain is an easy task if you already have a curtain rod attached to the window. But, if not, you need to attach the curtain rod first then hang your curtain on them. In case of adding a new rod, make sure that the rods are bigger than the clip rings hole. Also, make sure the curtain rod is heavy enough to carry the full set of the curtain.

Once you have secured the rod on its position firmly, you can start adding curtains to it. While pushing the clip rings into the rod make sure that all the clips are firmly attached to the curtain pleat.

Summary | How To Make Pinch Pleat Curtains With Clip Rings

Pinch pleat curtain can be a wonderful addition to your bedroom or guest room. It makes the window appear big and wide while protecting your sensitive furniture from the scorching heat of the sun.

Now you know how to make pinch pleat curtains with clip rings and you can craft your own exquisite pinch pleat curtains. Amazing, isn’t it? And on top of that, you can add variation to the design by using different types, sizes, and combinations of clip rings.

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