How to Steam Clean a Mattress to Remove Dust Mite & Dirts

How to Steam Clean a Mattress

Cleaning your mattress with a steam cleaner is an efficient system. Because it helps you release dust mite, dirt, bad smells, and bacteria from your mattress.

If you clean your mattress with a steam cleaner, you will get a night of much better sleep as it removes allergens and helps you sleep peacefully knowing your bed is fresh.

By the way, you can quickly steam your mattress with any heavy-duty steam cleaning machine or even a standard vacuum with a hose connected if you know How to steam clean a mattress properly.

How to steam clean a mattress: Simple Procedure

Our mattresses are pretty expensive, and improper cleaning may harm the mattress. That’s why you should get a top-notch mattress steam cleaner to continue this cleaning process.,

First of all, you will need to before you start.

Step 01

Sterilize and vacuuming the mattress

Remove all the coverings of all the pillows, sheets, and blankets. If there is any topper or can say mattress topper, you have to take away that too, exposing the mattress entirely.

When you are sleeping, the mattress topper and pillows absorb many germs and sweat, so clean them at least once in two weeks, although it depends on personal needs.

Sanitize and clean beddings with proper heat

Wash your mattress toppers, pillows, sheets, and pillowcases with water(hot) in the washing machine. After that, dry them out on extensive heat, which will clean, deodorize and sanitize them.

Also, you may need to take the bedding materials to a dry cleaner or a Laundromat; depending on the size of the materials, review the care instructions on the tag.

Pour baking soda for the Deodorizing process

Baking soda works pretty well at killing the smells from fabrics. Spray 240 ml or one cup of soda straightaway all over the mattress if it’s a twin-sized one. For smaller or bigger sizes, you can alter the amount accordingly.

You need a whole baking soda box for a king or a queen-sized mattress. If you’d like to perfume your mattress a bit, you can mix some oil with soda prior to spraying it on. Also, to remove dust mites, you can use lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus; these will help it deodorize.

Mix some laundry detergent into or white vinegar into the soda to aid in eliminating any dust or stains from the mattress surface.

Keep the baking soda for a minimum of one hour

When the baking powder stays at least 1 hour, it absorbs the smells and oil. Talking about smells, if your mattress has an awful and pungent odor of urine or things like that, then you must ensure the odor is totally gone.  For that, letting your baking powder sit a bit longer in your mattress than usual will work perfectly.

Grab the hand attachment to vacuum your mattress slowly

Run the vacuum hand attachment thoroughly over the whole bed after the baking soda gets good enough time to freshen the bed. Remember to keep the machine a bit longer in the places where your skin contacts more often, like the area where you keep feet and head; having the vacuum longer will remove all the dust mites.

Before you start to steam clean, vacuuming is essential as you will definitely need to eradicate as much dirt and dust as possible and lose fibers so that the device can enter deep inside the mattress.

Just a reminder, you can use any hand attachment that came with your vacuum cleaner, but a wider mouth attachment with a rotating brush would be the best option.

Mattress or bed chemical cleaning with steam cleaner

Step 02

Select a steam cleaner according to your budget

Any kind of machine capable of heating the tank water minimum 100-degree C (212 degrees F) will be appropriate for this task.

If your iron features a steaming function, you can use that as well. Also, a domestic steam cleaning machine or cloth streamer will do it fine.

However, check the steamers specification list to ensure it’ll get hot enough to kill the dust mites, bed bugs, and bacteria because most of the household carpet cleaners do not make the water that hot to do that.

Heat and fill the steamer following the producer’s instructions manual   

Just for safe and sound and proper usage, make sure you read the manual carefully.

Most steamers contain a water tank for storing water and a powerful motor that produces heat, plus a wand to apply the vapor. Load the tank following the manufacturer’s recommended level, and then switch on the device for water heating.

Put on the steam slowly with long strokes

Set the steamer over the mattress without touching it. Start by steaming from the mattress’s top left corner. Don’t extend more than 61 cm (2 feet) for each stroke. Move it gradually to the right side till you have reached the right top edge of the mattress. That’s way, steam the entire top surface of it.

Your mattress would dank but make sure that it does not become soaking wet from steaming, but if it does, it’ll definitely consume a huge time to dry completely. If you feel the mattress is too wet after the steam, you should either keep the wand slightly away from the bed or turn the dial down for the extent of steam released if possible.

Wait for 3 to 4 hours to finish the drying process

Though it depends on the amount of steam you’ve applied to fresh the mattress, it will take 3-4 hours to dry thoroughly on average. By the way, if you want to boost the procedure’s speed, turn on the room’s fan and open all windows. Moving the mattress to a place where it will get direct sunlight will be best.

Cover the mattress with linen

Check the mattress by pushing it down with a paper or dry towel to check whether there’s any remaining moisture left before putting it back onto your bed. It’s crucial to ensure the bed is arid before start using it as it can have a negative effect on your body. You can sleep on your bed by that night if you start the process early on that day.

Final words

So that’s it; hopefully, the things I’ve said above will help you learn how to steam clean a mattress in a pleasuring and easy way. If you face difficulties in following the process, please mention it in the comment section. We will try our best to help you.

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