How to Use Double sided Carpet Tape on Wood Floors?

How to Use Double sided Carpet Tape on Hardwood Floor

If you lack a bit of aesthetics and personality in your home, having a carpet on the floor can serve your desire to have a solid design regarding your home and floor design. But, carpets can slip due to the polished floor and create unnecessary incidents.

To avoid these kinds of scenarios, permanently sticking the carpet on the wooden floor is the best choice. This is the best of both worlds; better safety for your family, and better aesthetic and functionality for your home decor.

But, how can you secure the carpet with double-sided tape? That is the question we will answer in this article. So, follow along to find out how to use double sided carpet tape on wood floors!

How to Apply Double Sided Carpet Tape on Hardwood Floor

You can attach the carpet with double-sided tape because it contains adhesive on both sides; therefore, if you place one side of the tape on your carpet or rug and then apply the other side to the wood floor.

It’s possible to use carpet tape on stairs or to secure the rug to the hardwood floor. The process of how to use carpet tape on a carpet is the same. You can also use carpet tape on an area rug.

Although it might sound simple and easy at first, you need to follow specific steps; otherwise, you won’t be able to secure your rug to the hardwood floor. Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can apply double sided carpet tape for hardwood floors:

Step 1: Clearing the Floor and Your Carpet or Rug

At first, it is necessary to clean the floor where you want to use your tape as dirt or other small objects will hamper the binding process of the adhesive, and therefore you won’t have a pleasant experience while connecting your carpet or rug with the floor.

The same applies to the carpet or the rug that you want to attach to the floor permanently. Use a brush to skim through the carpet or rug as if you have wools lying around the adhesive, and it won’t function properly.

Step 2: Check the Compatibility of the Wood with the Adhesive

This process is simple and easy. Cut a small piece from your double sided carpet tape, peel one side and press it down to your cleared wooden floor.

After a few minutes, try to peel it off. If it comes off easily, then the tape’s adhesive is not compatible with the floor, and you need to change it. But if it doesn’t, then you can proceed to step three.

Step 3: Cutting the Double Sided Tape

To cut the tape, you’ll need a pair of scissors or a razor blade if available. There are two ways you can cut the double-sided tape: you can either cut it before applying it to the carpet or rug. Or you can cut it after you have placed it on the mat. While both are efficient, we prefer to apply it to the carpet and then cut it.

The process is quite simple. First, take your double-sided tape and peel off one of the sides to reveal the adhesive. Then carefully place the peeled-off side on the border of your rug or carpet. Make sure that you don’t put it on edge, or it won’t be applied correctly.

Complete one side of the border like this and then cut the tape. When cutting, make sure that there is a little breathing room at the edge of your carpet. Do this process until the entire border of your carpet or rug is covered with one side of the double-sided tape.

Step 4: Use a Roller to Apply Pressure to Improve Adhesion

After covering the back of your carpet or rug, use a roller to roll over the carpet’s border so the adhesion is forced from the tape and builds a stronger bond with the carpet. Using a small cylinder-type object like a bottle or air spray would do this process just fine.

We strongly advise not to use your palm or any square-shaped object to press upon the tape as it might spread out the adhesive, making it less prominent to stick to the parts where it was applied.

Step 5: Attaching the Carpet on Wooden Floor

Now that one side of the double-sided tape is optimally and properly applied on the back of your rug or carpet, you need to peel off the other adhesive side. Make sure to be gentle and peel all the tape. Many make the common mistake of peeling the parts that meet the floor first. You shouldn’t do that.

Once the tape has been peeled off, you gently place and spread the carpet on the floor. Afterward, use your hand and slowly push over the carpet or the rug so the adhesive can be connected to the wooden floor. You can also use a roller to ensure further that the tape connects with the hardwood floor properly.

And that’s it. This is how you can properly use double sided carpet tape on wood floors.

Some guides recommend you add the tape first on the floor and use the carpet on top of it, but this might lead to scenarios where the carpet or rug ends up getting shriveled.

This scenario is unpleasant to watch and possesses a chance of accidents as one might trip over a shriveled rug or carpet. So, no matter what you do, make sure that your carpet or rug isn’t stuck on your wooden floor in a shriveled manner. And if it is, then quickly remove the double sided carpet tape and reapply it.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to use double sided carpet tape is quite tricky, even though it sounds simple at first. But hopefully, this article has helped you grasp the basics of using double sided carpet tape. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to use this knowledge and start using carpet tapes on your hardwood floors!

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