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How to Vent a Bathroom Fan Through the Wall

There’s no doubt that a bathroom needs a proper vent. You don’t want to leave it in a chimney less fireplace situation. The moisture that keeps on generating inside needs to get out. Or else it’ll attach your bathroom wall and invite mildew plus mold build-up. Sometimes the consequences include peeled wallpaper as well as blister paint.

The whole matter of vent routing through a wall isn’t very complicated. Unless you don’t have the proper tools at hand. Since nowadays there are many capable vent kits available, it’s more likely that this won’t be your case. Let’s solely talk about how to vent a bathroom fan through the wall.

Here’s the Process of Venting a Bathroom Exhaust Fan Through the Wall

This method has to be the most common one out there and also, there’s less risk involved with such type of venting. You can find out more about bathroom vent options here, in case you’re still not sure about picking this route. Anyways, let’s get into the process we were talking about.

Stay Safe While Working, Turn the Electricity Off

Start straight by turning the electricity off from your bathroom’s breaker box. This is critical and very important, please don’t neglect this little advice. People have faced many troubles later just because of ignoring this bare minimum safety measurement.

A bathroom is a place of water and moisture, electrical involvement where you’re also working, makes the whole thing super hazardous if not played safe. I hope that much is enough for you to understand the importance.

Also, don’t forget your rubber gloves and goggles wear them before trying any later described steps. You’ll be using drills and similar equipment, so clearly, there’s no need to say why you should get these protective wears. Make sure the bathroom’s floor is dry and not even slightly wet. Water spilled around means inviting shocks to you.

Decide the Fan’s Position & Trace It to Cut a Hole

Now one obvious part of bathroom fan wall vent is deciding where the placement should be. Get the housing of the fan and hold its inner portion on wall where you want it to stay. Get a marker or pencil, and start tracing its edges on the very wall. Now you have a reference of where the fan housing will sit.

Get the drill and start making holes on traced four corners. The hole should be made through an interior wall. Then you need to bring a saw and start from one hole that you’d just create. From one hole to another, work with the saw and keep on cutting.

Do this until you are done with the whole interior wall section. This step is quite intermediating, you must be aware of where all the wires and pipes are to be sure of not causing damage. Make sure you are not cutting through one of these wires or pipes. It’s going to bring a big hassle where your water or electricity connection gets at risk.

Creating & Using Template for Exterior Wall

Now the same thing needs to be done for the exterior wall as well. So, you need cardboard for getting the template that can be used on wall outside. You can simply line up this template against the original bathroom fan casing.

Then bring the fan into opening. And start pinpointing the spots where screws will go on fan housing. Use an ice pick to do. It should reach the other end, which is exterior wall. And then this way you will leave some noticeable marks on it.

Next Work on Fan Attachment to Wall

The next step for fixing the bathroom vent through a brick wall is obviously by drilling some holes in it. You need to make holes right where the fan will have screws for attaching it. The screws should be tightened enough for holding things well, it must be tightly into the wall. Now bring a voltage tester and insert the fan’s black wire. This is for ensuring that there’s no electricity passing. If there’s no such fear, get into the wiring session next.

Wiring the Whole Thing

We are almost by the final steps to install a bathroom vent through a wall. The wires of the bathroom fan need to run through the wall at this point. It needs to be long enough for reaching the breaker without any problem. You will focus on matching the wire colors next.

It should match colors with the main circuit wires. Simply connect the ones with similar colors. And then use a screwdriver to firmly connect things. Then you can turn the electricity supply on from the breaker. Finally, you have your bathroom fan installed through the wall. Now things are well ventilated and you can chill!

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A Few Things to Note

For ensuring the proper bathroom fan installation, make sure you pay some attention to your bathroom’s size. Depending on this you need to select a fan that can handle the existing bathroom’s entire coverage.

There is a ducted type of fan that one can install for their bathroom. The installation is slightly different in a duct involved fan case. However, a video on Venting an interior bathroom fan with duct can help you hopefully.

Wrap Up

And that was pretty much everything about how to vent a bathroom fan through the wall. The fact that you don’t need to worry about unnecessary and risky roof involve installation are two of the major reasons why this option works best.

And if you can go with a simple and less risky process, there’s not much to worry about. However, if things seem complicated for you, then don’t hesitate to ask for help from someone who knows how to deal with such things. Professional help is sometimes necessary for a reason and you should not ignore such instincts.

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