Where Should Lumbar Support Be Placed | Proper Setup Guide

where to put lumbar support on chairWith back pain increasingly becoming a regular thing for workers from all sectors, it’s obvious that lumbar support will get a lot of attention too. Today it’s no more an issue that only refers to manual workers.

The past decades have shown how critically covering this matter has turned out to be. Breaking this problem through proper lumbar support is that’s why a very significant topic to talk over. From where should lumbar support be on your back to all the other things related, today we have a lot to cover.

Hopefully, it’ll help you find answers for whatever question you’re bearing inside related to the placement. Keep on Reading…

A Bit About Lumber Support

Because of the spine, you get to enjoy an erect position. From helping us by holding our body to enabling easy movements, it supports a lot of things related to posture. The elderly people were previously sonly sufferer from back pain, because of their physical working experience throughout life. But today even a young child can suffer from this issue.

And our nowadays lifestyle explains the reason behind such circumstances. People were into hunting, wandering and so many other activities. Today, we rarely do such physical activity unless it’s a holiday or vacation to consider.

From sitting at home leisurely to working Infront of a laptop in the same position, it’s obvious we are making our body habitat to not moving. And direct impact of such habits falls onto the spine. However, through using some lumber support, we can avoid physical exercise and still manage to support spine.

According to a highly appreciated research on lumbar support pillow’s impact over reducing low back pain and increasing comfort for long time seated task, a pillow that includes a posterior pelvic tissue cut out on it, can help individuals comfort their low back pain problems. This also records a decreased result on lumbar flattening as well as an improvement in thoracolumbar curvature.

Why is Lumbar Support Important?

Not just back pain, but there’s also a very concerning ratio of people suffering from postural defects. And the sufferer of such problems should react as soon as possible before it’s too late and becomes a headache for their overall wellbeing.

There are bad cases where expensive physical therapy sessions become compulsory. And pretty often, more than such punctual treatment an approach of lifestyle change works better. Now that does not mean you should stop sitting in front of your PC for earning money.

You can simply make some change here and there, including multiple breaks in between to do a few easy freehand exercises, and of course, try this alternative of strengthening muscles. Lumbar support is an important thing to consider not just for such strengthening wishes but also because it greatly helps in disburdening the spine.

Usually, lumbar supports are available for carrying around without much trouble. Working on your posture by including such lumber support a few hours each day instead of working out in spare time can be a huge plus point.

According to research done by the University of British Columbia on backrest angle and lumbar support for the office, this act of positioning needs some careful balancing to work properly. How high lumbar support be and everything related to its proper placement are definitely important information. And so that’s what we will be discussing next…

good-posture sitting position with Proper Lumbar Support Placement

The Proper Lumbar Support Placement on Office Chair, Car & While Lying

Let’s talk about where should lumbar support be positioning in this section. We will be referring to a lumbar pillow as it’s highly used by people for office needs. First of all, let the pillow rest on your office chair vertically. Your spine’s normal curve needs to be maintained. And so, pillow must be sitting in the small of the back.

You can make the best result by simply sitting on a chair with firm support. If you are going to have a seat like that for a pretty long time, bring a small stool. Put your feet on top of it. So that an additional relieve can support your back.

Considering where to put lumbar support on chair brings us to a few conclusions too. The placement should be in such a way that hips, shoulders, and ears are aligned with each other. It should help the lower spine maintain its natural inward curve shape. There should be no over accentuation to inward curve. Or else it’ll feel super unsupported.

In case you are going to use a car for journeys that take more than 15 minutes, make sure to include the lumbar support pillow. This will help in lessening individuals with back injuries as well as chances of nerve pain going down to the legs.

For sleeping position, it’s best to bring your knees a bit higher. You can include a few regular pillows right below your knees to elevate them. This will also lessen lower spine pressure. Lie on your back with the best lumbar support. If you are sleeping on side, let pillow come onto the middle of knees.

Other Options of Lumbar Support

The matter of where should lumbar support be on your back is also related to what type we are talking about. There are quite a few types of lumbar back supports that people use these days.

The first one that comes to mind is an ergonomic chair. These are usually designed with a lumbar support curvature built-in feature. Users sit on it and decide whether the buttock, spine, and head are aligned properly. Such type of lumbar support cannot be adjusted. So, there’s nothing you can do about placement worries. You need to check your comfort while making a purchase.

Then there’s another type called portable lumbar support. And while we are on that, the lumbar support cushion for office chair is a pretty popular one. These cushions usually go well with most types of office chairs. From fulfilling individual needs to providing inflating benefits, these are super convenient to use.

Now if it’s about a tiny pillow or towel that can be rolled up for experiencing the same effect, then where should lumbar support hit your back might be a concern you’re bearing in mind because that’s not quite how store-bought options work.

Well, a rolled-up towel can help in a crisis or emergency situation where you need a spare. But in case of regular use for serious low back pain, it’s best to invest in proper lumbar support. The rolled-up towel or tiny pillow won’t be able to give same support, that’s for sure.

Wrap Up

And now you should have a broad idea of where should lumbar support be placed and quite a few other matters. Making the proper use of lumbar support, no matter what type is definitely a critical thing. Without the information of how you should be placing this, you’ll never be actually able to enjoy benefits overall.

And so, such talks every now and then are actually quite useful. Hopefully, you’ll get rid of those back pain or correlated health issues with the help of effective lumbar support.

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