Having Wood Floors in Kitchen Pros and Cons

Wood Floors in Kitchen Pros and ConsOne of the areas that take the most of mess is probably kitchen space. And the flooring is especially in constant exposure to everything starting from spills to heavy appliances. Such a high traffic room definitely needs proper flooring that would be able to withstand all of these and exist with integrity for as long as possible.

Now, wood being one of the most popular flooring choices, one may want to consider this material for their kitchen flooring. However, is it the right thing to do? That’s when having a look at using wood floors in kitchen pros and cons come in handy.

Pros and Cons of Wood Floors in Kitchen

From all the possible good things that can happen when you choose wood flooring as your kitchen surface to pointing out the obvious disadvantages, we’ll try to have a look at both as deeply as possible. So, shall we?

What Are the Advantages of Having Wood Flooring in the Kitchen?

Hardwood flooring has been in trend for decades. It’s not only luxurious in look but also there are multiple characters of this flooring that makes many homeowners have it as their first choice.

And for other areas at home, one might want to always consider hardwood flooring. But because the kitchen is a heavy task-based tricky space, people might not merely be impressed by its luxurious looks but also its durability and withstanding ability.

It Easily Lasts a Long Time

Generally, hardwood is known for being very durable. And because the built-in of this material is pretty thick as well as solid, planks are quite simple for anyone to sand and refinish. This means even if there’s any wear and tear, fixing those would be easy.

So not only is it quite robust but also in case of a blunder, it won’t be difficult to manage fixes. If you are planning to keep stools in your kitchen space, you simply need to get some pads to stick them under. And that would be enough not to cause any dents, dings, or scratches on the hardwood floor.

Talking about specific heavy traffic areas, you can go with a regular area rug to keep things always good. For example, the interior of sliding glass door. Also, don’t forget to place one beneath the dining table. These are some inexpensive ways that would help you keep the wood floor quite well maintained and lasting for a long time. And it’s fairly simple enough!

Gives Warmth & Elegant to a Space

Because of the natural wood grain, people love this material for aesthetic reasons as well. If you are planning to have solid hardwood flooring in the kitchen, then there’s no way it will lack any elegance or warmth décor wise.

You can choose from a range of different hues that are easily accessible. This also makes it easier for you to find suitable options when considering finishing. Especially if you want overall kitchen design to not be interrupted by the flooring.

Also, it’s a great pick for an open concept home. Because such theme looks nice when the same flooring runs from door front to living room and also kitchen space. That’s just a classic way to make things look more expansive and hence people love the concept of such cohesive wood flooring.

Very Comfortable To Walk On

Hardwood flooring is considered to be quite comfortable for walking. If you are wondering about its hardness, then this is quite between linoleum and ceramic tile basically. The flooring shall be enough warm and soft for you to walk on. And if you plan to go for a yellow undertone, then things would feel as well as look extra warm.

Easier To Take Care Of

You must invest in a proper wood cleaner. And then think about sweeping it. While for the dust and particles, vacuuming shall be enough. In comparison to the feel and look, it’s not hard at all for one to keep hardwood flooring well maintained for a long time. There are so many homes that has hardwood flooring for centuries with timely maintenance.

More Home Value

The overall cost of your home increase when you chose hardwood flooring instead of many other materials. There are so many home buyers who would love the timelessness and elegance of wooden floors. And so, it’s going to give your home extra value if you ever consider selling or renting.


What Are the Disadvantages of Having Wood Flooring in the Kitchen?

Now there are some parts that might make hardwood floor in kitchen bad idea for a few people. It’s a bit subjective actually. Let’s talk about the potential cons and then you can decide if any one of these is actually a problem to you.

Refinishing is a Part of The Whole Package

With wood floors, you may experience scuffs and scratches. And to make them not mess up the integrity of your flooring, you’ll have to consider occasional refinishing. The kitchen has a lot of high traffic spots.

So, you would have to keep up with the refinishing need. And that’s an expense that a few people won’t really like to bear. Also, the refinishing process will require quite a bit of effort. You’ll need to get things out and also withstand dust, fumes as well as noise.

It Makes Noticeable Sound

Wood floors are not really great with absorbing sound. And so, footsteps are going to be obvious. It’s not a huge deal for those who like to work putting their headphones on. But could be sometimes an obstacle for those who love quietness and peace.

The Costing is Quite High

If you are someone who considers flooring as an investment and not a sudden expense, the cost won’t be a problem maybe, but there are people on a budget, and wood flooring can be not so practical idea for them.

Because it clearly is a quite expensive investment. Thinking about durability, the cost-effectiveness is still there. But if you are someone who needs to still manage the cost, this is one of the more obvious hardwood floors in kitchen problems you won’t be able to ignore.

Lacks Humidity Resistance

Some people absolutely hate the idea of having hardwood floors in kitchen and bathroom because this material cannot fight humidity. And so, spots that are prone to spills, as well as standing liquids, can be less appropriate for such flooring.

However, if you are planning to include a finish or coat to make it resistant to dampness, this isn’t actually a huge problem.

Overall Thoughts

Now that we know more deeply about having wood floors in the kitchen pros and cons, making a decision on whether to have or not have it sounds easier than before. What do you think, is hardwood floor in kitchen yes or no?

If you think wood flooring isn’t really your cup of tea, then maybe try porcelain for kitchen space. It can prove to be the best flooring for kitchen to a few people with the less porous and hardness factor.

However, if you think that the list of pros seems more dominating over disadvantages, then go for wooden floors inside your kitchen. Cherry, maple, and oak are known for being some of the most durable options that you can use for kitchen. The pine floor gives a great rustic look that often gets appreciated inside kitchen space. Also don’t forget to take all the necessary staining, refinishing, and maintaining steps to keep wood flooring lasting really long time.

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