Best On Demand Water Heater Reviews | Top 9 Picks of 2022

best on demand hot water heaters

Looking for the best tankless water heater that will give you a limitless supply of hot water?

Well then, you have come to the right place!

Water heaters are very important and useful. However, tankless water heaters are better. If you are ever running late but need a quick hot shower, an on-demand water heater is the one that will come through for you.

These appliances supply users with instant and limitless hot water.

In this best on demand water heaters reviews, we are going to help you find just the right product for you. So, you will be able to get easy access to hot water whenever you want to!

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Best On Demand Hot Water Heater

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We’ve categorized on demand water heaters according to different types of energy source as well.

  1. Best Electric On Demand Hot Water Heater
  2. Best On Demand Gas Water Heater
  3. Best Propane On Demand Water Heater

List of Best Rated On-Demand Hot Water Heaters

  1. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater
  2. Rheem Heating Chambers RTEX-18 Tankless Hot Water Heater
  3. Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater
  4. Eccotemp I12-LP Tankless Gas Water Heater
  5. Rinnai RL Series HE Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater
  6. Takagi T-H3-DV-N High-Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater
  7. Camplux 10L 2.64 GPM Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater
  8. Camplux 10L 2.64 GPM Propane High Capacity Tankless Water Heater
  9. Rinnai RL Series HE – Best Tankless Water Heater For Whole House

Top 3 Best Electric On Demand Hot Water Heater Reviews

Are you searching for the best electric tankless water heater? Well, to make your search easier, we have come up with three products after doing a lot of research.

1. Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Best electric tankless water heater

Ecosmart products are made using the most advanced technology. That rings true for this ECO model, as well. It is a mid-range electric tankless water heater that will help you save up to 60% on water heating costs.

The appliance regulates the exact amount of energy needed to heat the amount of water you need, making it highly efficient.

This product possesses the ability to heat 2 sinks and 2 showers at the same time in hot climates. During the cold weather, however, it is only capable of heating a shower and a sink at a time. This tankless water heater is constructed with high-quality materials. It is made of copper and stainless components.

Feature Highlights
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to use
  • Compact, can fit in easily

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The water heater has a digital temperature control that allows the user to set its temperature anywhere between 80oF to 140oF. With this product, you will be able to get an endless supply of hot water.

This product is not highly durable. It is compact yet stylish, so you will not have to worry about how it might look in your home. The compact size will make sure that you can save a lot of space for other things.

There is no need to be worried about how you are going to set this up in your home. The installation of this appliance is super easy and simple. If you are looking for the best electric tankless water heater, this would be a perfect choice!

2. Rheem Heating Chambers RTEX-18 Tankless Hot Water Heater

Best tankless hot water heater

Are you tired of listening to buzzing noises from your water heater? Well, maybe it is time to replace that with this next product on our list. This RTEX-18 tankless water heater is a great one from Rheem.

Weighing around 8.5 pounds, this gray tankless water heater not only serves the user with an amazing performance, but it also has a very simple, yet trendy design. The product is very compact, measuring only 4x15x19 inches. So, you can place it just about anywhere without it taking up too much space.

It has a very advanced self-modulation, which allows the user to alter the power to suit their hot water needs. On the outer surface of the water heater, there is an LED display with digital thermostatic control.

Feature Highlights
  • Product has a compact and trendy design
  • Operates very quietly
  • LED display

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The entire thing is quite easy to set up. You can connect this to your dishwasher, bathtub, and even the bathroom sink without having to worry about a shortage of supply.

With this thing, you will be able to get access to hot water whenever you want and how much you want. If you are looking for an electric on-demand water heater, it would be a shame not to consider this top-notch product.

3. Ecosmart ECO 36 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Best rated electric tankless water heater

Moving on to the next product, we have this beautiful tankless water heater. The first thing you will probably notice about this unit is how sleek and stylish it is. It has a very compact form.

This thing is not only stylish, but it is also highly efficient. How high? Well, it is said to be 99.8 percent efficient. The water heater is also very easy to use.

There is a digital output temperature display on the exterior surface of this unit. It has a digital control that allows the user to control the temperature in one-degree increments. So, with this product, you are able to adjust the temperature to your needs easily.

Feature Highlights
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Components made from copper and stainless steel
  • Advanced self-modulating technology

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This product is perfect for anyone who does not have enough space for a tank at home. Its small, compact size helps it to fit anywhere easily. And it is one of the best and most powerful products by Ecosmart.

With the capacity of providing hot water for the entire house singlehandedly, this machine does not disappoint.

It uses the most advanced and self-modulating technology. That makes this product highly efficient since its energy usage is adjusted based on the amount of hot water you need. This greatly reduces wastage and hence, reduces the electricity costs.

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Top 3 Best On Demand Gas Water Heater Reviews

Tankless gas water heaters are known for lasting a long time. Not only it gives you instant hot water on the spot, but it also reduces your gas bills!

4. Eccotemp i12-LP Tankless Gas Water Heater

Best tankless gas water heater

This gas-powered tankless power heater is everything you can wish for in a water heater. It has a very sleek and beautiful design. This thing is ideal for anyone looking for a high-performance water heater that has a modern look to it.

Ecotemp i12-LP consists of completely automatic temperature controls. Using this, you can set the temperature to be exactly how you want it. It helps make the experience better by improving precision.

There is also an energy-saving mode that comes with this unit. The Ecotemp water heater uses child lock technology so that you do not need to worry about your kids’ safety.

Feature Highlights
  • Beautiful modern design that uses black tempered glass front panel
  • Includes child lock technology
  • Has a hot water capacity range of 0.6 to 4.8 GPM
  • Completely automatic temperature controls

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This beautiful appliance has a black tempered glass front panel. It has an LED display screen that is very easy to read, and the controls are simple to use. The screen shows the user the output temperature as well as the GPM flow.

Moreover, this i12-LP unit is powered by liquid propane. If you operate at rate of 4 GPM, you can get a temperature rise of about 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, at 1.5 GPM, you get a temperature rise of 77oF. The hot water capacity range goes from 0.6 to 4.8 GPM.

With this unit, you get a horizontal stainless steel vent kit. You can easily install it with its 110-volt UL listed power cord that is responsible for driving the internal exhaust fan and the digital display.

This propane-powered heater is perfect for those looking for a highly efficient water heater. It is super energy efficient as it only takes up around 2 watts when not in use and 1.07 Amps when it is in use.

5. Rinnai RL Series HE Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Best natural gas tankless water heater

Are you looking for a good gas-powered tankless water heater? If you are, then look no further than an amazing product that has everything you could need in such an appliance.

This 44.3 pound Rinnai product uses the most advanced technology. You will not need to wait long to get into a hot shower right before you head off to work if you have this thing at your home.

Furthermore, you can do your laundry with hot water while also running the dishwasher, all at the same time, without having a shortage.

Feature Highlights
  • Completely automatic temperature controls
  • Small, compact size
  • The heater utilizes 40 percent less energy than traditional tanks
  • Wi-Fi monitoring technology

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It has a hot water flow rate that can go up to 9.4 GPM. Rinnai products use a ThermaCirc360 technology that re-runs hot water through the pipes to make sure you do not have to wait to get your hot water. They have even included a Wi-Fi monitoring technology to make it easier for you to control the temperature.

You can install this thing anywhere you want since it has a very compact design. The size of this product is about as big as a suitcase, so you can save around 16 square feet of space.

This appliance can supply your entire home with instant, endless hot water. It is the best natural gas tankless water heater that you can find on the market.

6. Takagi T-H3-DV-N High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater

Top rated tankless gas water heater

Takagi products are loved by many and with good reason. They manufacture all kinds of indoor water heaters, with all of them, giving the best performance.

This small gas-powered tankless water heater is ideal for home use. Due to its size, you can also set it up in small spaces like beauty salons while getting a greatly performing water heater.

The product is perfectly capable of performing heavy-duty tasks. Even in cold places, this appliance can support three showers and faucets without any trouble. The delivery is also super fast.

Feature Highlights
  • Saves energy by less consumption of power
  • Has computerized safety features
  • 10-Gallon Per Minute
  • Does not include a pilot light

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It is known for conserving energy well. If you want to cut down on your electricity bill while also getting the best out of a water heater, this product deserves real consideration. Takagi includes computerized safety features to make sure you and your family stay safe from any sort of accident.

However, that is not all when it comes to safety features. This unit also has features like freeze control, overheating management, and protection. The job of the overheating management is to control the heating system in case it crosses the limit.

This water heater is capable of providing 10 gallons of hot water per minute. It also includes a condensing water system. You will always get a constant flow of hot water with this tankless water heater. It is also highly durable, which makes it a great choice for anyone!

Top 3 Best Propane On Demand Water Heater Reviews

Now, we will be moving on to talking about the best propane tankless water heater.

7. Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater

Most efficient tankless water heater

As far as propane-powered tankless water heaters go, this is truly one of the best ones. From its easy installation to its effectiveness, this product is quite popular.

One of the best things about this water heater is that it is not only very compact, but it is also portable, perfect for the outdoors. The product is perfectly suited for those who would like to camp out 2.64 gallons per minute flow rate. This particular model is capable of handling a single shower at any time.

In this appliance, there are two weather modes installed, winter mode and summer mode.  You can adjust the conversion, depending on the weather. So, it is always ready to be used for both seasons.

Feature Highlights
  • Uses energy-saving technology
  • Has a compact and lightweight structure
  • Digital Display
  • Anti-freezing protection and flame failure device

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The unit provides full protection from any sorts of problems, such as overheating. It has an energy-saving technology that cuts down on power consumption. There is also an antifreeze protection and flame failure device to ensure total safety.

This on-demand water heater is very small and lightweight. The weight of the machine is 23.6 pounds. It is designed for the production of a small to medium amount of hot water.

Furthermore, the product is ideal for things like outdoor showering or dishwashing. So, don’t wait around too much and get this propane water heater right away!

outdoor propane tankless water heater

8. Camplux 10L 2.64 GPM Propane High Capacity Tankless Water Heater

Best propane tankless water heater

Moving on to the next product, this one is a beautiful on-demand water tank that is a popular choice for home use. It has a modern and elegant design. So, you can place it anywhere you want to make the room look even better.

This particular unit is very easy to use. It has a color digital temperature display so that it is easier for you to read the temperature.

The model is also one of the quietest propane tankless water heaters. You can just turn it on and go about doing some other work, and you won’t even know it is running.

Feature Highlights
  • Very easy to use
  • Beautiful design
  • Protects from overheating

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The machine has an energy-saving mode that is surely good news for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly product. It has an eco and full gas switch, which is rated to be at 2.64 GPM. That only activates when it is in use, thus making it more energy-efficient.

There is no need to be worried about safety since it provides many safety features. These include flame-out protection, anti-freezing protection, and overheating protection. It has a safe electronic ignition system as well that plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet with UL listed cord.

This stunning product has a certain uniqueness to it. From its modern yet sophisticated structure to its efficiency, this water heater would be a good choice for anyone.

9. Rinnai RL Series HE – Best Tankless Water Heater for Whole House

Best propane tankless water heater

For the last product on this list, we have this tankless water heater by Rinnai. Get this for your home, and it will be providing you with limitless hot water for days to come.

This machine, like most Rinnai products, is known for its high efficiency. It is a non-condensing indoor model. The unit includes some of the most amazing features to ensure top-quality performance.

Moreover, this model is Wi-Fi enabled, which means you can control it remotely even when you are not at home. All you need is a smartphone, and you will be able to monitor and adjust the temperature as you like.

Feature Highlights
  • Natural Gas/Propane
  • Provides an endless supply of hot water for your entire home
  • Easy installation due to compact structure
  • Includes temperature lock system

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A temperature lock system has been added to this unit to allow the user to set a certain temperature and lock it. There are also some venting options. You can vent the unit either horizontally or vertically, which means you can choose to either vent through the roof or the wall.

This is a 50-pound machine that ticks all the boxes of what makes a water heater good.  You can feed your entire house, including showers, kitchen and bathroom sinks, and dishwashers. And you will find yourself enjoying the opportunity to be getting an endless amount of hot water with complete ease.

It is one of the top rated tankless water heaters on the market right now. At the same time, it is quite affordable and reduces the electricity bill due to less power consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Water Heaters

Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

1. What brand of water heater is the most reliable?

After a lot of research, we have found that EcoSmart is the most reliable brand of a water heater. It is highly durable and provides excellent performance that leaves the users feeling content.

2. Which water heater is better, tank or tankless?

Tankless water heaters are usually around 24% to 34% more energy efficient compared to tank water heaters.

3. Do tankless water heaters run out of hot water?

When using a tankless heater, the supply of hot water will not be depleted. After you turn the shower on, the system will start to apply heat when it detects a movement of water in hot water lines. This will continue as long as there is demand, so you will not run out of hot water.

4. How often should a water heater be serviced?

A water heater can last somewhere between 8 to 12 years with proper maintenance. So, an annual water heater servicing will make sure your water heater runs for a long time.

5. How do I prolong the life of my water heater?

Water heater tanks have metal rods that attract minerals like calcium. These minerals can potentially harm the appliance as they can corrode the lining of a water tank.

What the rod does is that it protects the heater by attracting these minerals and keeping them from depositing on the tank. So, keeping the rod well maintained can help prolong the life of the water heater.


So, these are some of the best products that we were able to find. All of these products are known to provide excellent performance and a great experience.

We hope you found this article helpful.

If you are planning on purchasing the best on demand water heater, go through the list again to see which one would suit you best.

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