Top 10 Best Double Sided Carpet Tape for Wood Floors of 2022

The Best Double Sided Carpet Tape ReviewsSometimes your carpet might slip, which can be dangerous for you, your children, and everyone else.

Now, how can you prevent that? The answer is pretty easy! Use carpet tapes. Today, I will introduce you to the top 10 best double sided carpet tapes that are the ultimate solution to carpet and rugs slipping.

These tapes have adhesives on both sides, which enable you to stick the carpets to any floor neatly.

Nevertheless, using adhesive on your delicate wooden floors can cause unwanted damage. Instead, we suggest that you use any one of the products in our best double sides carpet tape review guide.

The units in our article are high quality and ensure that no harm is brought to your family, you, or your beautiful floors.

Top 10 Best Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Wood Floors

If you are looking for the most prominent dual-sided carpet tapes in the business, you should read this section. Here are the ten best two-sided carpet tapes on the market. Once you have one of them, your rug slippage problems will be solved.

1. Good Stuff Heavy-duty Rug Gripper Tape For Carpets and Hardwood Floors

Feature Highlights
  • The overall weightless and compact build facilitates easy movement and storage
  • Using it is a very straightforward task
  • Has a super-strong adhesive formula, which ensures the carpet stays in its place
  • Durable construction of the tape ensures that they are everlasting
  • Can be used on a wide variety of surfaces

1. Good Stuff Heavy-duty Rug Gripper Tape For Carpets and Hardwood FloorsThis is a perfect product if you are looking for a world-class tape. Some might even call this the best rug tape for hardwood floors. Not only hardwood, but you can also use this tape on almost any type of surface, including marble, vinyl, tile, concrete, etc.

Along with its universal and versatile application, the item is installed with tons of other features. One of them is its potent adhesive attribute. So, after you stick the tape carpet on the floor using this thing, it is not coming off any time soon. Furthermore, the usage of the tape is fairly effortless.

By the way, unlike conventional tapes, this one is thick. It has a 0.3mm thickness, which means that the rug is going to feel much more comfortable, and you will not feel anything while you are using the unit. Also, it has a compact and weightless build, which authorizes swift movement and carriage.

Downside: Messy if you use both the sides at once


If you are looking for the finest of the finest double-sided carpet tape, then this is the perfect choice for you. The thing offers you loads of perks, including versatile usage, effortless application, and ensures that the adhesive lasts for a long time.

2. YYXLIFE Removable Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Hardwood Floors Etc.

Feature Highlights
  • Using it is a very effortless and uncomplicated task
  • Has a highly potent adhesive attribute for more effective usage
  • Will not be affected by temperature or humidity
  • Highly robust and everlasting
  • Allows you to use the item indoors as well as outdoors

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2. YYXLIFE Removable Double Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Hardwood Floors Etc.Did you say you were looking for a prominent and top-grade double sided carpet tape for area rugs? Buddy, hold the search! We have the item that is perfect for you! Let us explain what makes this product such a masterpiece that you should have in your arsenal.

Firstly, this dual-sided tape offers you a hefty amount of tape. You receive 10 yards of the thing, which is more than enough for such a project. Besides that, the longevity and durability of the merchandise are outmatched. After applying the product, it is going to do its work for many years.

Moreover, the gum of the tape is ridiculously powerful. So, once you have stuck the carpet in place using this tape, we can assure you that it is not going to come off any time soon. And, apart from being used in rugs and carpets, the item can be used for all variants of purposes.

Downsides: Not the ideal unit for working on concrete floors. Might leave a sticky residue once removed.


Well, few items in the market are going to offer you such a handsome amount of tape in a single go. When you couple these perks on top of the other, you end up with a fine and dependable rug tape.

3. XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Carpet to Floor and Area Rugs to Carpet

Feature Highlights
  • You can use it on all types of floors
  • No-residue-left quality confirms that the floors will not feel sticky after removal
  • Using it is a very straightforward and efficient process
  • The tape comes with a highly sticky and reliable formula for everlasting operation
  • Durable and long-lasting Multipurpose carpet tape

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3. XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Carpet to Floor and Area Rugs to CarpetFew products in the market can compete with this masterpiece. The carpet tape from XFasten is deemed the best removable carpet tape for carpet to floor or area rug to carpet applications. This thing has no residue leftover perk. Because of that, after removing the tape, the area from where it is being separated will not feel sticky.

By the way, this thing is perfect to be used on more intricate surfaces- starting from more heavy-duty exteriors like cement and marble to more delicate ones like vinyl, wood, leather, etc. In short, the product is ideal to be used on almost all genres of floors and objects.

Besides, using it is a very effortless task. All you have to do is remove the shell from one side, stick it to the floor, remove the protective layer on the other side and then place the carpet on top. Doing such a thing ensures that the carpet will stay straight no matter what and also allows you to do the task pretty effortlessly.

Downside: Not the best option for concrete floors


Do you want to ensure the safety of your family, including your children? If your answer is a yes, then this is ideal for you. The tape features a powerful adhesive that can be used on numerous surfaces and so much more.

4. Good Stuff Heavy-duty Double-Sided Rug Tape for Hardwood Floors and Carpet

Feature Highlights
  • Has more amount of adhesive than generic double-sided tapes
  • The protective layer is easy to peel off, and hence, permits effortless functionality
  • You can practically use it for all types of projects
  • Comes with a highly potent and powerful adhesive to prevent rugs from slipping
  • Application of the tape is a very straightforward chore

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4. Good Stuff Heavy-duty Double-Sided Rug Tape for Hardwood Floors and CarpetIronically, though the company’s name is good stuff, they are known to provide you with some of the best units in the industry. So, if you thought their merch was misleading, then you need to reevaluate again, my friend. Allow us to tell you what makes this product one of the best-rated double-sided carpet tapes.

Right off the bat, the item is extremely versatile. Whether it is tiles, concrete, wood, vinyl, or any other surface, this bad boy has got you covered in all of them. By the way, due to its excellent flexibility, the thing is ideal for outdoor purposes as well. Briefly described, you can use it both for inside and outside projects.

Also, the product is extremely potent! It has a powerful adhesive formula, which prevents anything from coming off the tape once it is stuck. Besides, it has a 0.3mm thickness. Therefore, the amount of adhesive on the tape is pretty high!

Downsides: Not an abundant yard of tape is provided. Might leave adhesive residue behind once removed


No one wants to spend too much money on anything. And it is the same case for double-sided tapes. Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the perks of high-end double-sided tapes at a very reasonable price, then you should surely give this one a try!

5. Sugarman Creation Strongest Double-Sided Carpet Tape – Top Rated Carpet Tape

Feature Highlights
  • Designed to withstand different climates for the more effective operation
  • Thanks to its versatile application, you can use this for all variants of usage
  • The strong adhesive property diminishes the chances of anything coming off
  • Can be used to attach other carpets together, so it is an excellent DIY tape
  • Unlike typical tapes, moisture has no effect on the tape, so it a good outdoor tape

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5. Sugarman Creation Strongest Double-Sided Carpet Tape - Top Rated Carpet TapeThe term strongest in the title should give you a massive hint about the potency of the product. You should know, that the item has a highly effective and powerful adhesive formula, which authorizes the tape to firmly hold onto the carpet once it is stuck to it.

Apart from this, the item can be used on almost any surface you desire. Yes, you read that right. It can be used on tiles, stone, parquet, laminate, and the list goes on and on. Besides, it can withstand extreme temperatures and will not be affected by moisture. Thus, this is the perfect outdoor carpet.

Also, you can use the product to stick two or more carpets together. So, if you are looking for a prominent DIY tape that sticks to carpet, then you might have found the best one in the business. So, if you get this double-sided tape, then you will be landing a thing that is capable of doing nearly everything.

Downside: Might leave adhesive residues.


Are you looking for the best carpet to carpet tape that is also prominent for outdoor usage? Look no further, my friend, as this is the perfect product for you.

6. YOLETO Double-Sided Carpet Tape – Heavy Duty Rug Gripper Tape for Hardwood Floors

Feature Highlights
  • You can literally use the tape to work on almost all types of surfaces with ease
  • Is capable of withstanding extreme climates
  • Has powerful glue, which ensures that the tape or the object do not come off
  • Will not have any negative influence from moisture, so you can use it outside
  • Provides you with more amount of the tape than the conventional ones

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6. YOLETO Double-Sided Carpet Tape - Heavy Duty Rug Gripper Tape for Hardwood FloorsYOLETO has an exceptional offer! The unit allocates you with a massive 20 yards of tape, which is more than enough for sticking your carpets on the ground with some extra left. However, that is not all. Keep reading, and you will be surprised to see all the perks this thing has to offer.

Except for the 10% tape, it has a very effective adhesive formula. Thanks to that, we can assure you that once you stick something using this tape it will not come off anytime soon. This tape can be used on multiple surfaces. Due to that, you get to enjoy all these perks for almost any project.

In short, if you were looking for the best removable double sided tape, then this is the perfect choice for you!

Downside: Cannot be used on concrete.


So, do you want to get your hand on a top-notch both-sided carpet tape? It is not tricky. The YOLETO Double-Sided Carpet Tape is perfect for you! You can use this in all varieties of projects, and we can guarantee you that you will love the results.

7. Atack Removable Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Carpets Over Carpets or Hardwood Floors

Feature Highlights
  • The zero-residue perk prevents your floors from feeling sticky after removal
  • Ensures no damage is done to your wooden surface
  • Has a very powerful adhesive that prevents the rug from slipping or bending
  • The rug has a very long-lasting and enduring build
  • Prevents slipping or curling of the carpets or other fabrics

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7. Atack Removable Carpet Tape for Area Rugs, Carpets Over Carpets or Hardwood FloorsUsing the Atack Carpet tape, we can certify that you are going to fall in love with the masterpiece. Are you interested in knowing how? There are tons of reasons. One of them is the effortless application of the product. Without any issue, you can easily stick the tape to a surface and get the job done in a couple of minutes.

Speaking of surfaces, this tape is compatible with any variant of wood or textile. Therefore, you should be able to attach the carpet to any wooden surface without any issue. By the way, you can also use it to stick one carpet to the other. Hence, you can make your very own DIY designs using the gem.

Also, the tape arrives with a mighty adhesive. The tape uses a unique silicone-based adhesive. Because of that, once you stick a carpet to the floor, it will not slip, slide, or curl. Plus, once you remove the tape from the floor, it will not feel sticky.

Downside: Cannot be used on concrete, cement, tiles, and other heavy-duty surfaces.


There are few carpet tapes in the business that are so good with wood and fabrics like this bad boy. Therefore, if you want to make the insides of the home safe or DIY a new carpet, then you know what to do!

8. AurGun Double Sided Washable & Reusable Carpet Tape, No Residue, Transparent

Feature Highlights
  • No harmful chemicals were used in its making
  • You can effortlessly use it on almost any wood or fabric
  • The powerful adhesive ensures once something is stuck; it does not come off
  • Contains a transparent outlook, which makes your project look neater
  • Comes with zero-toxic contaminants

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8. AurGun Double Sided Washable & Reusable Carpet Tape, No Residue, TransparentOne of the most exquisite things about this gem is its transparent appearance. Due to that, any job that you do is going to be very neat. Plus, the tape is reusable. Hence, if you are not happy with your work, you will not have to redo everything.

All you have to do is remove the tape and use it again- by doing that, you will save a lot of tapes.

Anyways, there is more than this exceptional thing has to offer. One of them is the highly potent adhesive. When AurGun was crafting this tape, they wanted you to have the best experience with their items. That is why they made this with extremely stick glue. Hence, once you stick something with it, it is not coming off.

Also, using this is a very easy task. All you have to do is stick to a surface by removing the protective layer on one side and do the same on the other. Then just attach the thing that you want to on the other side, and voila, your job is done. Besides, it has zero toxins and leaves no residues.

Downside: You cannot use it on other surfaces.


The unique appearance coupled with its top-notch functionalities makes it a prominent choice for DIY projects. All you have to do now is give it a try!

9. QTAR Removable Double-Sided Anti-Slip Carpet Tape for Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Feature Highlights
  • You can use it on numerous surfaces, including concrete and cement
  • Arrives with an immensely powerful adhesive
  • The tape is not disturbed by water or heat, rendering it be a good outdoor tape
  • You can use it on fabrics as well
  • Easy to remove and prevents your floors from feeling sticky after removal

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9. QTAR Removable Double-Sided Anti-Slip Carpet Tape for Indoor Outdoor RugsQtar is one of the most prominent companies when it comes to such things, and their both-side removable tape is going to tell exactly why this is considered in such high regard. The carpet tape is waterproof. Because of that, you will not be able to use the product outside as well as inside your home.

By the way, it has a no-residue attribute, which prevents that sticky feeling on a surface as your remove the tape. Also, this item has a very strong adhesive. Due to that, nothing is going to get off the item easily. Moreover, the tape is extremely versatile and flexible. So, you can use it on many surfaces.

Downside: Might give off a bad odor.


Now, if you are looking for one of the best tapes in the market, which is worthy of the title of double sided tape for outdoor carpet, then you need to get this bad boy and see it for yourself.


10. Gorilla Double-Sided Tape for Smooth & Rough Surfaces – Multipurpose Indoor-Outdoor Use

Feature Highlights
  • You can use this on almost any variant of surfaces you desire
  • Can withstand extreme stress, and therefore, is the best option for outdoor usage
  • Thick adhesive on both sides ensures to grip on the surface
  • Not affected by water or temperature, hence, an ideal option for outdoor purposes
  • You can use it to work on concrete (rough) as well as wood (smooth)

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10. Gorilla Double-Sided Tape for Smooth & Rough Surfaces - Multipurpose Indoor-Outdoor UseIf you are looking for affordable double-sided tape, then this is the perfect option for you. Now, even though it has reasonable pricing, the product will offer you all the necessary perks that you require. It has a very powerful adhesive, which should prevent your carpet or anything from slipping once attached.

Also, it has an exceptionally heavy-duty amount of glue on both sides. Due to that, we can assure you once something is stuck on the tape, it is not getting off easy. You should know, that you can use this tape on practically any surface you desire.

Plus, it can withstand any condition, and hence, is the perfect choice for outdoor applications.

Downside: Not a very abundant amount of the tape is provided to you


If you do not like to spend too much money but want a highly productive and efficient double-sided tape, then you should opt for this one. It has all the necessary perks that will ensure your rug does not ever come off.

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Carpet Tape for Your Project

It is not easy getting the best of the best double-sided tape. There are numerous things that you have to take into account before you go on such a venture. However, if you do not keep those things in mind, then the chances of you landing the best is pretty slim.

Do not worry; we have the solution right here! You will get all the necessary factors that you must take into consideration before you get yourself the best both-sided tapes. So, without further ado, allow us to find out what they are.

The Thickness

Whenever you are opting for a double-sided tape, you have to consider the thickness. Now, you can be thinking, about how the thickness will influence the performance of a tape, but there is a deep connection. The thickness of a tape is proportional to the amount of adhesive it contains.

In short, the thicker a both-sided tape is, the more adhesive it should have. So, we suggest that you opt for a tape that has at least 0.2mm thickness. A good conventional dual-sided tape will have this dimension. Hence, if you are planning to get the best functionality from your tape, then this is the best attribute.


Once you are done determining the right thickness for your project, the next thing that you have to check is its compatibility. If the tape is not compatible with the exterior that you are planning to work with, then you would be wasting your money.

Now, in this case, we would suggest that you figure out the purpose at first. All you have to do is answer this simple question, ‘why do you need the tape?’ Once you have the answer, you can choose the item that fits your requirement.

Also, if you do not want to go through this hassle, then you can simply opt for a tape that will work on all surfaces.


By this, we are trying to imply how un-sticky the surface will feel when removed. Yes, that is an essential factor that you need to consider, especially if you are working on wood. You see, wood is very delicate, and any adhesive leftover might permanently discolor or damage that area.

Ergo, if you are looking for an A-grade double-sided tape, then this is a feature that you have to check.  


We all want to be smart buyers! And to be a smart buyer, you must have a budget. Lucky for you, double-sided tapes are not conventionally very expensive, but that does not mean that you should shoot for the most expensive one on the market. Remember, price is not equivalent to performance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Sided Tape

1. Does double sided tape work?

Yes, double-sided tapes work! These variants of tapes arrive with adhesive on both sides. Now, the adhesive used on the tape is very effective and ensures top-notch performance. Also, due to this feature, the work that you will be carrying out is going to be much neater.

2. Does double sided carpet tape ruin hardwood?

Only the tapes that were not made for hardwood will definitely damage hardwood floors. Hardwood is delicate, and the powerful gum on double-sided tapes can permanently damage the exterior of your floors.

3. What is the strongest double-sided adhesive tape?

In case you are looking for a very potent adhesive tape, then I would suggest that you opt for Sugarman Creation. Not only does the tape come with a very efficient and powerful adhesive, but it is also capable of handling extreme conditions.

4. What is the best double tape to use on carpet to carpet?

If you are planning to stick two carpets together using adhesive, then you can opt for this one. It has very versatile functionality, which lets you use it for all kinds of purposes. Thanks to that, you can use it for sticking one or more carpets together.

By the way, such a feature is ideal if you are a DIY enthusiast. You can use the tape to create your own customized carpet.

5. How do you make a double-sided stick better?

Do you feel that your dual-sided tape is not giving you the best performance, then we might have a solution for you! You see, if you rub the surface with alcohol, it has been seen that the tape tends to stick much better.

All you need to do is get some alcohol (the kind you rub on wounds) and clean the surface you will work on using the alcohol.


It has always been debated whether one should have conventional duct tape or dual-sided tape in their home. A dual-sided tape will offer you way more perks than a generic tape. So, if you are opting for a both-sided tape, then you should have the double-sided carpet tape in your arsenal.

Not only can you prevent your carpets from slipping, but they can be used for so many other reasons.

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