How to Keep Rugs from Slipping on Laminate Floors & More

How to Keep Rugs from Slipping on Laminate Floors

The flooring isn’t the softest thing for your feet and we all can feel you on that. This is one of the many reasons why rugs are been around and everybody loves having them in their houses.

But the thing starts getting pretty annoying when you figure out it keeps on slipping and sliding.

No matter if your home flooring is made of tile, laminate, or hardwood, the scenario takes place in all cases. But there are thankfully ways and things you can implement for stopping such silly issues that bother you completely.

And for that, you need to stay till the very end as I write about how to keep rugs from slipping on laminate floors, hardwood flooring as well as tile ones. Keep on Reading…

How to Keep Rug from Sliding on Laminate Floor?

Laminate flooring has its own fandom for being a fantastic option for homes. However, the rug slipping case makes it a bit bothering to few homeowners but not anymore. Because there are super easy ways to stop the shifting from happening.

There are many non-slide rug pads available both online and offline that you can give a try for solving the problem. Also, some prefer adding rubber-coated shelf liner for extra grip.

However, if you really want to stick with a solid solution, the double-sided tape will work best. It works for both laminate and hardwood flooring. Another way can be screwing the rug into place but some may have doubts about doing that as holes sound creepy.

If you have a very old rug, why don’t try buying a new Non Slip Rubber Backing Area Rug? These are usually good at keeping the grip. And so, you do not have to look for other solutions on fixing issues as the rug will have feature of not slipping in itself.

You can also apply the caulking method for keeping the rug in place on laminate floors. Simply turn the rug and make it come upside down. Get a caulking gun and insert a tube of caulk. You want to get the clear acrylic latex caulk for this task.

Gradually run across the rug’s back a bead of caulk. You want to do this within one inch of binding. Let the caulk stay like that for at least a day and night. And once it’s completely dry, it’s ready to not slip anymore. Make sure the caulk is not tacky at all. Only then you can assume it’s completely dry.

How to Keep Area Rugs from Sliding on Hard Floors?

If you are looking for ways to stop rugs slipping on wooden floors then make sure you consider the fact that there’s a chance of harming your flooring while trying to fix the rug issue. There are certain types of items meant to stop the rug from slipping that can however scratch the hardwood floor. And you definitely don’t want that. So that’s the first tip, look for safe solutions.

Now the most appropriate solution for hardwood floors with slipping rugs has to be getting a good quality rug gripper. The Home Techpro Rug Grippers is a popular favorite choice of many because it serves with a unique anti-curling mechanism to keep the corners flat as well as the rug in its place.

However, with the gripper, you need to lift the rug once in a wheel. So that grip can break and the floor can avoid any harm due to deterioration.

Or you can go for a well-made Rug pad for the hardwood floor. Now, these are something you need to invest a bit more for ensuring quality and safe for usage. As if you chose to go with a cheap and poor-quality pad, then there will be miseries of scratches, color leaks, and finish being worn-down on your flooring.

An affordable option is the Gorilla Grip Rug Gripper Pad. These non-slip pads are also super easy to install and provides an additional cushioning effect.

You can also stop rug from slipping on hardwood floor by using double-sided carpet tape, already mentioned in the laminate flooring part. However, make sure you buy the one that is described as hardwood floor safe. As you can already tell by now hardwood floorings need special attention.

The best thing to do before using carpet tape on hardwood is to go with a small amount at first. Let it stay for a while and then you can observe the reaction. If the thing leaves residue or stains behind with a short time of usage, clearly, it’s not a good option to go for long-term usage.

How to Keep Area Rugs from Sliding on Tiles Floor?

When you try to keep rugs from slipping on tile flooring, you’re dealing with a floor type that is super slippery itself. And so, the solution needs to be solid enough to provide the additional grip required for a rug to not slip again and again. Getting a new rug with grippy latex gel backing will be the best option here. As that backing can provide an ample amount of grip.

But then again, the thickness and type of tiles will determine effectiveness of this backing solution. Also, not everyone will love the idea of buying a new rug.

You can try placing some heavy furniture on top of the rug. But if this means taking away the usefulness then probably that’s not a good idea. But for a rug meant to give cushioning effect due to foot traffic, this can be a nice solution to try. Furniture such as dressers, beds, coffee tables, and even couches will do.

Caulks are not just good to stop rugs from sliding on laminate floors but also for the tile ones. However, if the rug you are using is a pretty expensive one, this can be a bad option.

However, if you use a pretty cheap rug, then apply a bead of silicone caulk on the rug’s back along with its edges. Go ahead and make a line in the middle as well. You can use a putty knife for flattening the substance a bit. And then allow it to dry properly.

Apart from these, tacky tapes are also a good solution. Simply apply around the rug’s perimeter. Just make sure it’s at least two inches away from the edge. Go for adding a few strips on the center area too.

And the rug should have a good amount of grip to avoid previous slippery issues.  However, make sure the sticky tapes you get for tiles flooring don’t come with adhesive that can leave stains. For antique and expensive tiles flooring, it’s best to avoid cheap quality tape.

Wrap Up

So now you know how to keep rugs from slipping on laminate floors, hardwood flooring, and tiles floor. These are definitely enhancers to the whole home décor and something you cannot miss on installing inside your space.

But your feet need comfort too, and so adding rugs will be a common scenario. So, it’s best to know about the good ways of avoiding any rug slippage issue. Area rugs that are not cheap in quality come with proper nonslip backing and have a decorative touch to them it is probably the best solution to any flooring.

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