The Best Non Slip Rugs for Hardwood Floors | Top 10 Picks for Every Area

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Your exclusive hardwood floors need special treatment, and the cheap quality rugs won’t let it happen!

But how do you pick the best non slip rugs for hardwood floors? Well, the answer isn’t easy!

When a rug is made of premium-grade material, has an optimal height, feels soft as a cloud, and can be cleaned easily, you can pick that one.

Most importantly, it should have outstanding non-slip features such as PVC dots or rubber and latex padding!

Only then, you’ll get the better value of your hard-earned paychecks!

Now the question is, where will you get these products?

After thorough research, don’t worry; I’ve made a list of the top-ten ultimate anti-slip rugs to help you with that mission!

Top 10 Best Non Slip Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors Reviews

In my reviews, I have mentioned all the details, perks, and cons of each rug. In this way, making the most suitable choice will be easier than ever.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get into that part right away!

1. Ophanie Non-slip Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors In Bedrooms Living Rooms

Ophanie Non-slip Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors In Bedrooms Living RoomsThe first product I will review is by Ophanie, and it has earned its place on my list for all the right reasons! From the living room to your master bedroom, this non-slip area rug is perfect for any interior.

Besides offering tons of color choices, you will also get to choose from various sizes. Therefore, you can find the most suitable one for any spot around your house.

To make the rug slip-resistant, it has thousands of tiny PVC dots. Hence, it will always stay in the perfect place. So, there will be no accidents, which is a relief!

Feature Highlights
  • Designed with PVC dots for making it non-slip
  • Has the perfect 1.75-inch thickness to protect the floors
  • Made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic material
  • Yarns are sturdily twisted together to prevent shedding

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On top of everything, this furry carpet doesn’t shed all over the place. Thanks to the individual spindle drive technology, every yarn is accurately attached to the carpet base. And that’s pretty impressive.

It is made with non-toxic and hypoallergenic material to give you the ultimate satisfaction. Consequently, if you let your kids and pets play on it, they will be in safe hands.

The height of the velvet pile of this rug is about 1.75-inch, which is the perfect fluffiness to protect your hardwood floors from scratch and dents. And this is just the cherry on the top!

Though you cannot wash it in a washing machine, you can easily clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Considering all its features, this is one of the most prominent non slip area rugs for hardwood floors; there is no doubt about that!

Downsides: This area rug cannot be cleaned in a washing machine. Thus, for low-maintenance options, you can keep browsing a little more!


The carpet is made with high-quality material and enhanced slip-protection features to give you pleasing service. So, when you are looking for satisfactory service, getting this one will be a wise choice.

2. Lahome Non-Slip Area Rug for Living Room Bedrooms – Faux Wool Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Lahome Non-Slip Area Rug for Living Room Bedrooms - Faux Wool Rugs For Hardwood FloorsIf you have a hardwood floor installed in your living room and you just want a rug that just goes with your space, this one from Lahome can be the perfect pick that will make your guests go wow.

Though the Lahome non-slip area rugs are made of faux wool, you will have the softest covering for your precious hardwood floor undoubtedly.

You will get plenty of size options to make the most eligible purchase for your home. Well, that’s just the beginning! You will also see some exciting patterns, which will take your décor to a whole new level.

Besides having a high-quality faux wool construction, it comes with an ergonomic TPR backing. Hence, you won’t slip while working or walking on it, and it won’t skid from its place mysteriously!

Feature Highlights
  • It is made with high-quality and soft faux wool to protect the hardwood flooring
  • TPA backing to make it slip-resistant
  • Washing machine friendly for easy-cleaning experience
  • Available in different patterns to choose from

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You can also put this plushy rug in your bedrooms, laundry room, or even in the dining room.

The most incredible thing about this carpet is that you can throw it in the washing machine to save some energy and time. And you can also clean it with a vacuum cleaner, whichever you prefer!

However, you need to keep it away from regular sunlight exposure if you expect higher durability from it.

So, when you are looking for a versatile area rug that will maintain the optimum condition of your high-end hardwood floors, why don’t you pick this one?

Downsides: You cannot place this rug in sunny areas in your house. Sunlight will reduce the longevity of this product, and you don’t want that, trust me!


This versatile carpet is one of the low-maintenance options you have. So, if you are longing for a fuss-free experience, choosing this one will be a great decision.

3. Antep Modern Bordered 8×10 Non-skid Rubber Backing Area Rugs for Indoor Use

Antep Modern Bordered 8x10 Non-skid Rubber Backing Area Rugs for Indoor UseWell, some of us want to get an elegant and traditional rug instead of the fluffy ones! If you are one of those people, you can take a peek at this Antep Carpet to make the ultimate purchase.

As it is made with top-grade polypropylene, you can expect a long-lasting service from it. Even if you use it every day for years, it won’t disappoint you with wear and tear.

You will get different size options that are designed practically to suit everyone’s needs. These are also available in unique colors and patterns to make your interior more special than ever.

Feature Highlights
  • Designed with stain-resistant material, so it maintains its shine
  • Available in different colors, patterns, and sizes
  • High-quality polypropylene makes it durable
  • It comes with a soft construction to shield your hardwood floors

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The inviting underfoot is amazingly soft without being bulky. Hence, your hardwood floors will stay well-protected in any condition. Moreover, the material is entirely stain-resistant, making it highly suitable for your kitchen or kids’ room.

Though you cannot clean it in a washing machine, it can be easily maintained with a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, you can perform occasional spot cleaning to keep it shiny all the time.

The high-quality materials of this rug make it a remarkably durable thing. So, if you are spending a bit more money on this one, you will get a better value in the end.

Downsides: The price is more on the expensive side. Hence, if you want something cost-effective, you should browse some other options.


When you are thinking about decorating your rooms with elegance, this Antep rug will be a great addition. It is durable yet low-maintenance, which is really admirable.

4. Rugshop Modern Design Stain Resistant Non-slip Area Rug for High Traffic Areas

Rugshop Modern Design Stain Resistant Non-slip Area Rug for High Traffic AreasThese non-slip carpets by Rugshop will make your décor look cozy; that’s what I love the most about them. Furthermore, they are high-flying, durable, and easy to maintain, which makes them the ideal candidate!

It is made with top-grade nylons to ensure long-lasting service. And the loop is totally machine-made; hence, the rug will never lose its shape. Isn’t that fantastic?

The material is stain-resistant, and that is a relief for all the sloppy people like me! So next time when you spill some pasta sauce on your carpet, you don’t have to worry about the staining if you are using this Rugshop one!

Feature Highlights
  • The stain-resistant nylon offers better durability
  • It’s soft and dense to keep your floor safe from damages
  • Thanks to the latex backing, there will be no slipping anymore
  • It comes in different sizes and colors to choose from 

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It offers you plenty of size and color options to make a choice easier for you. This rug will easily fit into any contemporary décor, which is good news for the millennials!

The backside of this rug has a latex backing to make the whole thing skid-resistant. In this way, you won’t have to get protective padding, and that’s a real money saver.

It is a soft yet dense carpet that will make sure that the floor underneath is getting damaged. And that is our topmost priority.

As this rug is a low-height one, you can easily fit it under the doors. Hence, don’t forget to consider this one when you want to keep versatile non-skid rugs in your collection.

Downsides: It doesn’t offer different pattern choices, which can cause some disturbance when you are trying to arrange your dream décor!


This carpet by Rugshop is a simple one yet offers a promising service. And it is available at affordable price points, which makes it more user-friendly than it already is!

5. Ompaa Rubber Backed Super Soft Fluffy Area Rugs for Living Room Bedroom

Ompaa Rubber Backed Super Soft Fluffy Area Rugs for Living Room BedroomThe Ompaa fluffy carpets are incredibly soft and plushy, which will help you to make a cozy corner in your bedroom or living room. And it comes with different vibrant colors, which will add a dash of excitement to your interior!

Once you keep your feet on this carpet, you will feel like sitting on the clouds. It has a 1.75-inch height which ensures a super comfy experience for the users!

The thick velvet microfiber layer will keep your hardwood floors safe from damages. And all the yarns are securely twisted, so there will be no shedding, making it highly suitable for use in the kid’s room.

Feature Highlights
  • A thick velvet-yarn layer makes sure you get a cozy experience
  • Plastic dots to prevent slipping
  • You can easily clean it with a vacuum cleaner
  • It offers perfect height and softness to keep your hardwood floors safe

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It is designed with hundreds of plastic dots to keep it in the right place all the time. Therefore, when it is about the utmost safety, you can rely on this mat in any situation.

You can clean this carpet with your vacuum cleaner in a low setting. And if there is a stain, just wipe the spot with mild soapy water, and you will be good to go.

When you plan to get rugs for hardwood floors in the living room, you can keep this one on your wishlist. I mean, it’s manageable, affordable, and efficient. What else do we need?

Downsides: This rug comes in only one size, so finding the right one for your tricky spots will be a bit complicated.


From ergonomic features to an affordable price tag, this rug has got everything. Hence, you can think about this product if you are into a relaxing experience.

6. Lahome Collection Traditional Vintage Floral Area Rug Throw Rugs for Door Mat Entryway

Lahome Collection Traditional Vintage Floral Area Rug Throw Rugs for Door Mat EntrywayIf you are into faux wool rugs for hardwood floors, you can think about buying this one from the Lahome Collection. However, it is more of a traditional option, so it might not suit the modern décor.

The vintage pattern of this rug makes it elegant and will enhance the value of your surroundings. Moreover, you will get tons of different size options, making it a practical choice for any spot in your house.

As it comes with non-slip latex padding, you will not need any additional protection for your floors. So, this carpet will make your experience breezier, there is no doubt about that!

Feature Highlights
  • A vintage outlook makes your interior gorgeous
  • You can clean it with a washing machine or vacuum cleaner
  • Available in different ergonomic sizes to choose from
  • Has high-quality latex padding to avoid slipping

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Additionally, the material is breathable; hence, your wooden floors will be in safe hands!

I already told you that it is not like those cloudy, fluffy rugs. However, this thing is soft enough to make you feel comfy all the time. And you can keep it to any place to enhance the beauty of that place, and that’s pretty extraordinary.

Some users always seek washable rugs for hardwood floors. If you are one of them, you can purchase this one to maintain better hygiene standards. In addition, it can also be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner, which makes this thing astonishingly convenient.

Downsides: It won’t last long in excessive sun exposure. So, when you are living in sunny places or have multiple windows, you should avoid getting this one.


This Lahome rug is not only stylish but also exceptionally functional. Therefore, it will guarantee an all-rounder experience; that’s no secret.

7. Ottomanson Anti Skid Runner Rugs for High Traffic Doorway Entryway or Office Hallway

Ottomanson Anti Skid Runner Rugs for High Traffic Doorway Entryway or Office HallwayWhen you are a fan of simplicity, and looking for the best anti skid runner rugs for your home entryway or your office hallway, this Ottomanson area rug is the one for you.

Durability, convenience, great shape and look make this one stand out from the typical runner rugs out there. Moreover, to make things more convenient, this rug comes in different colors and sizes, making unique furnishings!

This carpet is designed with a low height to give a minimalist outlook to your interior. And you can place it under any door or furniture without any struggle. So yes, when it is about making things easier, this rug will be perfect.

Feature Highlights
  • Made with a low height to ensure a better fitting
  • The simple outlook is perfect for contemporary decorations
  • It has a rubber-backed construction to make it non-slip
  • The polypropylene material offers enhanced durability

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Thanks to the durable polypropylene material, it can withstand high abuse regularly, and the rug will not be damaged. Furthermore, you don’t have to go through any drastic measures to maintain this carpeting, which is music to the ears, don’t you think?

Well, I don’t know about anybody else, but I really love rubber backed rugs on hardwood floors. They are totally safe for the base, and you don’t need any additional padding.

And if you want to enjoy these benefits too, you can take a look at this one while browsing your options.

Downsides: This product is not machine-washable, which is a bummer!


It may not be a high-end product that you will need for your lavish boudoir! But yes, when it is about satisfactory service, you can rely on this one.

8. Maples Rugs Rebecca Contemporary Machine Washable Non Slip Hallway Runner Rug

Maples Rugs Rebecca Contemporary Machine Washable Non Slip Hallway Runner RugLet’s check out a runner rug from a different brand! The Rebecca Contemporary from Maple Rugs might blend in with your taste. It is another rug on our list which is perfect for the modern home’s busy areas like the entryway.

And this rug offers you a fuss-free experience, which is all we need in your life!

While browsing this option, you will see tons of size and color options. Hence, you will have everything you need to personalize your rooms according to your preference.

Furthermore, these runner rugs are eligible for both home and workplace as , and that’s quite striking!

Feature Highlights
  • You can easily wash it using your washing machine
  • It comes with a slip-resistant latex layer for protection
  • The low-profile design makes it suitable for a minimalist home
  • Has a polypropylene construction for long-lasting service

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You can clean it by washing machine or vacuum cleaner, whichever feels easier to you. Moreover, it can be used in high-traffic areas as they are popular for their incredible durability!

The high-quality latex backing makes it exceptionally slip-resistant. And it won’t cause any harm to your precious hardwood floor, and that’s just the icing on the cake.

Downsides: It’s not suitable for high-end interior decoration but an excellent choice for everyday use in high-traffic areas!


When you are looking forward to having a straightforward experience, you can select this rug. It’s not something gorgeous but will make your room look cozy and welcoming.

9. MontVoo Non Skid Washable Kitchen Rugs with Rubber Backing for Hardwood Floors

MontVoo Non Skid Washable Kitchen Rugs with Rubber Backing for Hardwood FloorsThe MontVoo non-slip rugs are perfect for regular use! They are durable, high-quality, and affordable, and this combination makes them an ideal choice for your household.

If you have decided to place rugs with rubber backing on hardwood floors, you can buy this one for an optimal experience. And it will not lose its shape over time, which ensures a greater value for the money.

As this runner rug has water absorption feature and is totally washable, you can use it as sink mat or bath mat. It is easy to clean, making it eligible for people who want to do minimum maintenance around the house!

Feature Highlights
  • Available in two different sizes to choose from
  • It is both washing machine and vacuum cleaner-friendly
  • Polypropylene construction makes it exceptionally durable
  • You will get different size options to choose from

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This polypropylene rug has an exceptionally tight edging. Therefore, it’s going to last longer than your regular mats. And this whole thing is also vacuum-friendly, which makes the experience breezier for the users!

To make things more convenient, it comes in two different sizes. So, when it is about practicality, this rug is unbeatable!

Downsides: As it is not available in many colors, you may feel a bit of trouble while planning your furnishing.


From the ease of cleaning to user-friendly service, this rug is loaded with ergonomics! Therefore, getting this carpet for your hardwood floors won’t be the wrong choice, I believe.

10. KMAT Non-Slip Super Absorbent Washable Runner Rugs For Hardwood Floors In Kitchen

KMAT Non-Slip Super Absorbent Washable Runner Rugs For Hardwood Floors In Kitchen How about I get you something for your kitchen and under-sink? Let me guess; super water and oil absorbent attribute, stain-resistant feature and great fabric, a perfect put-together gives you this particular non-slip runner rug for kitchen from KMAT.

This mat will offer you a wide range of size choices and multiple colors. Therefore, choosing the most suitable one for your interior won’t be an issue.

The fact that I love the most about this rug is that it is made with stain-resistant material. Hence, from smoothie spills to dirty footprints, nothing can mess with your décor ever again! You can keep on cooking without batting an eye.

If you are looking for the best rugs for hardwood floors in the kitchen, this one can be an excellent choice.

Besides, its high water-absorbent feature, you can even keep the rug under your sink. This thing is also perfect for use in laundry rooms or by the bathtub in bathrooms with no problem at all.

Feature Highlights
  • It comes with a thin and sleek design for enhancing the interior
  • Washing machine friendly attribute allows you to clean it easily
  • Top-grade latex backing to prevent slipping
  • The material is totally stain-resistant, so it keeps its shine for a long time

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As it has a super-thin pile height, you can fit it anywhere without any trouble. But thin construction doesn’t mean that your hardwood floor will be in danger! It will protect your base with ultimate reliability, which is one of the finest qualities of this carpet.

You can easily take care of it and clean it in the washing machine whenever you want. And latex backing won’t get damaged even after excessive use!

So yes, when you think about getting a top-grade non-slip rug for your hardwood floors, you can keep this one in your mind! You can also check out our kitchen rugs reviews.

Downside: This carpet doesn’t offer many patterns and styles, which is a bit disappointing!


Sometimes you will want something manageable and durable for everyday use. And this product will give you this type of service within an affordable price range.

Non Slip Rugs for Hardwood Floors

Do You Need a Pad Under an Area Rug on Hardwood Floors?

Yes, you will need a rug pad under your area rug; it already doesn’t come with any protective layer! The rug pad will prevent the rug from slipping away and capture all the dirt so the hardwood floor can stay in its prime condition.

However, if your rugs already have anti-slipping features such as plastic dots or latex/rubber layers, you won’t need additional padding. In this way, you can save both time and money!

How to Choose Non-slip Rugs for Hardwood Floors

Though I have listed all the prominent products in the market, here are some factors you need to consider before making the purchase. So, let’s take a look at the buying guide for a better experience.

Non-Slip Features

Some rugs come with PVC dots; some have a latex layer to prevent the carpet from slipping away! These features will keep you safe all the time, especially when you have kids in the house.

Therefore, to stay away from accidents, make sure the non-slip quality of your rug is a top-notch one!


When it is about protecting hardwood floors, you should always go for the soft and thick rugs. In this way, your floor won’t be scratched or dented quite easily.

However, some thin carpets also offer comfortable and dense underlining. You can choose those for contemporary looks.


Always pick your rugs according to your room size. First of all, measure your space accurately, and then choose your rug. Moreover, you can take a look at those options for a better experience.

Ease of Cleaning

You can clean some rugs in a washing machine; a vacuum cleaner can do some. Well, some options will offer you both options. And if you want to avoid the hassle, you should always pick the one that can be cleaned according to your preference.

Otherwise, it will be harder for you to maintain the hygiene standard around your house.

Non-Slip Area Rugs for Hardwood Floors

Frequently Asked Questions About Area Rugs (FAQ)

  1. Are rugs necessary on hardwood floors?

Despite being expensive, hardwood floors easily get damaged! Therefore, you will need a top-quality rug to maintain the top-notch condition of your flooring.

  1. Do rugs ruin hardwood floors?

Yes, cheap quality rugs will destroy your expensive hardwood floor as they fail to protect it from dirt and scratches. To avoid this issue, you can choose one from this write-up for a pleasant experience.

  1. Are non-slip rugs safe for hardwood floors?

If the non-slip features of your rug are made with high-quality material such as PVC and premium-grade rubber, it will cause no harm to your hardwood flooring.

  1. How long before you can put area rugs on new hardwood floors?

You will have to wait at least three weeks before you put a rug on your newly finished or refinished rug.

  1. How do you make a rug non-slip?

If your area rugs don’t come with non-slip features, you can buy an additional rug pad to make them slip-resistant.

Final Verdict

Purchasing the best non slip rugs for hardwood floors is tricky. The widely available carpets often need extra padding, which will cost you more money. And we have to save all the bucks we can!

For an overall experience, the Ophanie Non-slip Area Rug sounds like a great choice. It has top-quality features and is affordable, that’s all we need.

Furthermore, the Lahome Non-Slip Area Rug is another dynamic option you have. It doesn’t really matter which product you choose from my list; you will never be disappointed, mark my words!

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