How to Fix Couch Springs All by Yourself

How to Fix Couch Springs

With passing time, your home furniture will start to worn out. Maybe the ones that you take special care of will remain good for a long time. But at some point, a breakdown is quite obvious to take place.

However, if you choose to know more about the particular trouble and do something to fix it, then there will be less chance of having to replace anything easily.

For example, if your couch cushions are super saggy and quite uncomfortable to sit on, you should not instantly think about replacing them. Instead, figure out what’s causing the trouble.

In most cases, the reason behind is a broken or popped out spring. And if that’s the case, you definitely want to learn how to fix couch springs to simply sidestep the heavy cost of couch replacement. Let me help you with that today.

How to Fix a Sagging Couch Springs?

When you want to find out how to fix couch cushion springs you also need some ideas of what tools are necessary for the process. To repair couch cushion springs you’ll need screwdrivers, pliers, wood slats or shims, fabric glue, and wire of thick gauge.

Now there’s a lot of things that can make the couch spring not work anymore. It could be shot. Or maybe they are loose. Also, there’s a chance of misalignment. You simply use the tools to tighten and tweak them to their original position. To fix coil springs in couch, you definitely need to free a good amount of time.

Start by Observing

Your couch will have some fabric lining beneath. There should be staples to keep the lining in place. You need to remove them. Or maybe cut the underside perimeter if possible. You want one side of the lining still fixed.

That way once you are done, it’s easy to pull it back stiffly. To place fabric back to the corner, you’ll need to use clamps, glue or nails, and a staple gun.

Use Pliers to Shape the Springs

If the springs are twisted, you can use pliers to fix them. This tool works wonderfully for fixing tweaking springs and return them back to their original shape. But you want to be careful and gentle while doing so. As with too harsh twisting or movement, the metal will snap.

Reconnecting Springs

You also want to connect the springs to frame or screws if those are loosening. Right under the couch, carefully move along with the spring’s line. And then make sure you are tightening the springs one by one following the order.

Usually, to tighten zig zag sofa springs you need to put more effort. Simply tighten the springs can avoid future popping out issues too.

Make Sure to Not Skip Any Spring

If by mistake you skip a spring and leave it untreated, then that one will cause trouble later. So, it’s best to check carefully after you are done with the fixing process. And make sure there’s no spring that is left out.

Once you finish the investigation, simply close the couch up. Then turn it over and have a seat that should feel comfortable now. You also want to go over the couch spine. Try to feel any wood breaks. You should also watch out for any noticeable unalignment with springs.

How to Repair Couch Springs Popped Up?

How to Fix a Sagging Couch Springs

Once you remove the dust cover out from bottom of your sofa or couch, you’ll be able to see the spring situation. If there are staples, then remove those to get the cover out.

Once you get a chance to look at the springs, are they broken or popping out? Some may pop out from the spring clips. And in such case, it’s hard to get them back in clips.

Now the easy fix to this situation is buying new clips. Grab a couch spring repair kit that will basically include clips for fixing this situation. Make sure the ones you are getting are easy to get springs in. You simply need to use some nails or screws for installing the clips. Screws are a better choice as they’ll be able to hold stronger than nails.

Mark the positions for the holes. Depending on the clip, number of holes will vary. After installing them, go ahead and stretch the spring for hanging in clips. Now it should not be hard.

If you have a broken spring, then you’ll also need to buy a replacement for it along with clips. Cable or zip ties are also useful for fixing broken springs. Also, it helps relative springs to stabilize better. And so, there’s less movement of spring making fewer chances of sagging.

Fixing Loose Couch Springs with U Nails

One of the finest solutions to fix couch springs that gets loose again and again is using U-Nails. If you have one of those microfiber couches or sofas then usually the spring section should look like a strong wire segment that is attaching with a frame.

The simple to-do here is reconnecting the loose section of spring to couch’s framework. Because since those are pulled away, there’s no support they can provide. You want to focus on metal sections that are loosely pulled from the frame. Now to serve the broken attachments, use robust U nails. And this works for almost any type of spring hold.

Now if the spring still seems to be stretching and sagging, you can use particleboard. Go for a thick sheet. And make sure it’s capable of spanning entirely on the couch’s length as well as width.

You can ask a local home improvement store to cut a plywood sheet to this specific size. Also, try to go for particleboard that comes with a vinyl coating. There are readily available sheets that can also be folded when not in use. For upholstered furniture and microfiber couches, it’s a quick fix for broken springs. As they will be extending the life of this furniture without much hassle to go through.

Wrap Up

And that was pretty much everything about how to fix couch springs. A broken spring will need replacement, but if it’s simply experiencing some issues, there are ways to fix things. Trying the solution to get your old couch working for another few years is definitely better than buying a new one for a heavy price.

Also, it’s not always worth it to spend on a new couch even if you have the money. As the old one needs to serve you for a good amount of time to justify the price you paid for it. Hopefully, the spring fixes will help you to extend the life of your couch without any problem.

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