The 5 Best Tape For Underlayment Reviews [2022 Update]

Best Tape For UnderlaymentSince you are here, we are already assuming you know how important it is to install underlayment properly. Professionals make sure the underlayment is perfectly secured. But how do they do it?

Well, the solution is quite simple. Like many other household objects, underlayment is also joined together using tapes. Since it can get messy, we do not advise gluing or pinning your underlayment. Tape is the way to go!

You know how practical underlayment tapes can be. Naturally, you should only get the finest one for yourself. So, to find out the best tape for underlayment, keep on reading!

What Kind Of Tape To Use For Underlayment?

For underlayment, you should use tapes with a strong adhesive. Several types of tapes can meet this benchmark. Even specialized underlayment tapes are available in the market for this purpose. However, regular duct tape or seam tape can also get the job done just right!

Top 5 Best Tape To Use For Underlayment

Here are the five most impressive tapes you can use for underlayment. Our top pick is the ROBERTS 50-040 Underlayment Tape. But the other suggestions are credible as well.

1. NMM Underlayment Seam Tape for Joining Underlayment, Moisture Resistant

Feature Highlights
NMM Underlayment Seam Tape for Joining Underlayment, Moisture Resistant

  • Able to resist moisture
  • Easy to use and manage due to simple properties
  • Has a lustrous appearance that makes it appealing and easy to find out
  • Specifically manufactures for joining underlayment pads
  • Sturdy enough to prevent any sort of self-induced crumpling

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We are starting off with a seam tape. Although duct tapes and tapes specifically crafted for underlayment are common choices, seam tapes are getting popular day by day. Of all the seam tapes, this one by NMM is quite a decent choice.

Right off the bat, we are labeling this tape as “simple.” Whether it be in its uses or its properties, it’s simple all in all. However, that does not mean that it is a waste of money. Both in appearance and properties, this product shines.

With a lustrous silver-colored appearance, this tape is specifically created to join underlayment pads. While installing floors and subfloors, any moisture that may surface needs to be regulated. With the help of this tape, you can easily control the surge of moisture.


  • According to many users, the tape does not have enough adhesion
  • Not as cheap as regular duct tape
If you are looking for a simple, moisture resistant tape for underlayment, this one can be your pick. It is simple, and you can use it to avoid any uncomplicated methods.

2. ROBERTS 50-040 Moisture Resistant Underlayment Tape, Moisture resistant

Feature Highlights
ROBERTS 50-040 Best Moisture Resistant Underlayment Tape, Moisture resistant

  • Unlike many seam tapes, this one is not hard to unroll
  • Thin structure does not tamper with the underlayment’s original height
  • Stretches up to a great distance
  • Can be easily identified on underlayment due to its vibrant color

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Our favorite pick is one of those classic red underlayment tapes and quite an affordable one at that!

Using this tape, you can help merge any underlayment junctions irrespective of brand. Therefore, it can be deemed as a universal tape. But this one is not only used for a single purpose. According to users and reviewers, you can use this tape for various other things as well.

You can use this versatile tape to repair damaged objects, seal containers, install laminate flooring, etc. Other than the classic red version, the tape also had a limited-edition version bearing similar properties.

With a total of hundred feet in a roll, this tape is also significantly stretchable. Apart from all these benefits, the roberts underlayment seam tape also offers excellent moisture resistance.


  • You have to cut if first using a sharp object like a cutter or knife
  • Performance is not consistent with the time
All in all, this is a pretty good tape for underlayment. You can easily ignore a few of its demerits since its benefits outweigh them by a considerable margin.

3. WELSTIK Professional Grade Duct Tape for Underlayment, Repairs, DIY, Crafts

Feature Highlights
WELSTIK Professional Grade Duct Tape for Underlayment, Repairs, DIY, Crafts

  • Comes in several attractive colors and two different sizes
  • Able to resist both water and flame
  • Solid enough to be used for repair work, craftwork, and on industrial machines
  • Maintains the durability of objects
  • Does not require an additional cutter

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Versatility is the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to our third pick. Whether it be its different colors, arenas of use, or functions – there are so many aspects to this tape.

Welstik has done a great job when it comes to the production of this duct tape. It has two different sizes and ten different colors. You can use these colors to make your work look more striking. Besides, if you don’t want the tape to be evident, there is also a transparent color that you can choose.

As for its unique properties, not only is it waterproof but also flame resistant. It has been tested to withstand many other extreme conditions as well. For its high performance, it is appropriate for commercial use.


  • Quite thin compared to other underlayment tapes
  • Does not perform well under high temperature
It’s not every day that you find a waterproof tape for underlayment. So if you ever come across this, grab it without wasting the opportunity.

4. XFasten Construction Seaming Tape, Vapor Barrier Underlayment Tape Roll

Feature Highlights
XFasten Construction Seaming Tape, Vapor Barrier Underlayment Tape Roll

  • Able to resist longitudinal splitting
  • Guarantees effective adhesion for a specific period
  • Able to create proper blockades in crawl spaces
  • Performs well under both extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Does not puncture easily even though it is thin


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As mentioned in its name, this one is perfect for construction work. With its extreme resistance abilities and adhesion, this is also an effective tape for creating moisture barriers in the underlayment.

Vivid red in color, this tape can be used under all weather conditions. It is known to perform well under extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. On various surfaces, this tape provides equally accentuated adhesion.

Although it is pretty thin, its texture protects it from being torn apart even when punctured. For the same reason, it does not even crumple in the longitudinal direction.

High-performance adhesives tend to lose their adhesion soon. But this XFasten tape remains durable for a long and definitive period. Moreover, due to its features, it can create a functional blockade in crawl spaces.


  • Does not adhere well to wood and its variants
  • Difficult to tear
This one is undoubtedly a heavy-duty & waterproof seaming tape that you can use for underlayment & different works. However, if you don’t have multiple uses for your underlayment tape, you can pass on it.

5. ELK Vapor Barrier Moisture Barrier Seam and Seal Tape for Multipurpose Use

Feature Highlights
ELK Vapor Barrier Moisture Barrier Seam and Seal Tape for Multipurpose Use

  • Does not damage objects as it is crafted to provide comfort during adhesion
  • Effective enough for industrial use
  • Suitable to be used for crawl spaces
  • Coated with a film that can resist ultraviolet rays
  • Able to resist water

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Our final recommendation, which gave the most competition to our top pick, is a multi-tasking tape. It comes in two different colors, red and white. As for the packages, you can either get a single tape or a 12-pack one. Whether you want to try out the tape or get it in bulk, you have both options.

A lot of the durability and adessive properties of this tape come from its thickness. It is nine millimeters thick, which is more on the thicker side when it comes to underlayment tapes. Designed to withstand moisture and extreme weather, this tape does not take a long time to adhere to surfaces.

Although this tape is high-performance, it is coated considering the binding of different objects. So even if it causes strong adhesion, it won’t damage the object.


  • Adhesion does not last long enough
Overall, this is a decent underlayment tape. Aside from its unimpressive durability, all of the other features are pretty commendable.

FAQs about Underlayment Seam Tape

1. Does underlay need to be taped?

Yes, underlay needs to be taped. It is necessary to tape underlay so that it can remain joint together properly and be secured from the presence of moisture.

2. Can you use packing tape for underlayment?

You can feel free to use packing tape for underlayment. A packing tape usually bears strong adhesive properties. Besides, it is also effective in creating moisture blockades in the underlayment.

3. Should I tape laminate underlay?

Yes, you should tape laminate underlay. During laminate flooring, you should not skip on the underlayment. Since laminate is not secured like a regular floor, extra protection is required in the underlayment.

4. Can I use duct tape on vapor barrier flooring?

Sure, you can use duct tape on vapor barrier flooring. Although you can use it, Tyvek tape is a better choice when it comes to vapor barriers.

5. Do you tape underlayment to the floor?

You do not exactly tape underlayment to the floor. Instead, you place the underlayment on the floor securely and then tape them together to keep them joined.


That is all we had for this session. It was not easy to find the best tape for underlayment, but we’re confident about our suggestion. In any case, we advise you to pick up the learnings from this article and put them to use.

We hope you can find a tape for an underlayment that meets all your needs and demands. Make the right choice based on the functions. Good luck!

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