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How Does A Power Recliner Work

In today’s world, many of us spend most of our time sitting. Let’s say you are a student or some kind of job holder. If that is the case, you would spend nearly two-thirds of your day sitting behind a desk or reading table, right?

What about spending your leisure? I often find myself sitting on a recliner sofa during leisure. A recliner is an easy chair or couch with an adjustable foot and backrest that leans when you lower its back and elevate its front.

Moreover, power recliner is electricity driven so it is somewhat automatic. And, you have to know its different parts and most importantly, how does a power recliner work.

Interested in learning the details? Let’s find out.

What Is A Power Recliner?

A power recliner uses a couple of electric motors to change and lower or raise the chair into a comfortable position. To make our seats more comfortable, different types of electric power recliners are available nowadays.

How Do Power Motion Recliners Work

A recliner sofa is one of the most amazing pieces of furniture to make your life comfy. From sitting to lying down, whatever you choose, the recliner is always there at your service. Many of you might already have a recliner in your living room, or just thinking to buy one. In both scenarios, learning about the working mechanism of a power recliner may help you.

But, before knowing the working mechanism of a power recliner you should gain knowledge of different parts of this recliner.

Well, Most of these power recliners work by leveraging two types of components-

  • Electrical components
  • Mechanical components.

Electrical components:

Several electrical components serve the main functionality. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. Power cord: It supplies electricity to the transformer from the electrical outlet
  2. Transformer: Which regulates power to the motor. It has a green lid on the outer surface that shows the state of power.
  3. Motor: which is in control and responsible for the reclining and movements.
  4. Battery: It keeps the power recliner charged up for doing its tasks.
  5. Remote: by which the recliner operates. It is a command and control system. The panel usually appears somewhere near the armrest or wings of a recliner.

Mechanical components: 

Mechanical components mainly build the infrastructure and make the moves. Some of them are:

  • Headrest: Headrest helps to keep your head in a relaxed position while resting on the power recliner.
  • Footrest: Footrest is very useful for old or physically ill people. Automatic footrest takes care of your feet.
  • Backrest: we throw our body on the backrest when we sit on a power recliner.
  • Cables: As we all know, these wires connect your recliner to the power outlet.

The Inner Mechanism, Simplified!

A recliner chair has a remote control or switches for operation control. It connects with an electrical outlet through a power cord. From the outlet, the power cord supplies power to the transformer.

A green lid on the transformer indicates whether the power supply is okay or not. On the core, there is a motor that is responsible for the movements of the whole unit. You just need to press a button from the panel or remote control device, and it is ready to recline from 90 degrees to 180.

To enhance reclining functionality, support structures are added to this kind of furniture. It has different types of parts including, but not limited to screws, bars cables, etc, to connect the mechanical components.

Additionally, recliners have various mechanical components including headrest, footrest, backrest, etc for different purposes. It has a leg support bar too. With the help of the support bar, the footrest extends. The support bar allows it to move longitudinally. For leg support, the support bar of the footrest has an s-shaped section.

This is, in a nutshell, how does a power recliner work.

Will Power Recliner Serve your Purpose?

To help you figure out the solution, we have listed the pros and cons of a power recliner. These points will help you make your mind easily plus you will be able to make a quick decision.

Advantages Of Power Recliner

  • It leans in an accurate angle with a perfect position
  • Moves according to the user’s choice
  • Have long lifespan than manual ones
  • Useful for different health issues

Disadvantages Of Power Recliner

  • Higher Priced than manual ones.
  • Repairing cost is higher.
  • Parts are not always available
  • Needs an electrical outlet

To sum up

The complex system of the power recliner may not make much sense to you.  But there is nothing better than a power recliner to remove stress and get a good rest.

If you know, how a power recliner works it will help you a lot to take proper care of your best-loved buddy. In addition to that, if the electrical components are making trouble, knowing the mechanism can help you to fix it or sort out the problem at the very least.

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