How to Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest | Tips & Advise

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner FootrestLa-z Boy or Lazy Boy is one of top manufacturer that provides so many variants of styles for recliners that complement home deco marvelously. These are known for being extremely comfortable and stylish, so if you own one, you’re lucky.

But even these top-quality recliners sometimes loose track and falls back by certain damages. And one is the recliner footrest mutilation.

Most people will consider the damage of footrest as another addition of repair cost to their monthly budget.

But wait, what if the problems can meet some solution if you use common tactics. Any homeowner can try these out easily. That’s right, you can learn some really simple steps on how to fix a lazy boy power recliner footrest and check whether this solves the problem.

Fixing a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest: Analyzing Problems & Solution

Let’s face it, repairing jobs are pretty annoying. The malfunction footrest is one vital part of the power recliner. So, you can’t really ignore it even if it’s bothering you. Start by figuring out what could be the possible cause of such trouble. Then you can try some repair to get that footrest back on track without throwing away the entire chair.

Finding Out the Trouble

There could be a bunch of reasons related to why the recliner’s footrest has stopped responding. Let’s briefly discuss the most common ones.

We don’t really care sometimes and just hit the footrest too hard to get down. If you are misbehaving like this for quite too often, chances are that this is the major reason behind. Usually, it makes the recliner footrest too hard to close. The huge stress you put over its mechanism ends up ruining functionality.

If you discover that your lazy boy recliner footrest won’t stay up, it could be because of age. With passing time, it is bound to get troubled. The parts will come out loose and also screws. And so, it’s important to change the old broken parts and screws every now and then to keep overall function going well.

Rust could also be a major criminal for ruining your footrest’s mechanism. Especially if you are someone from the humid areas. You should wipe the dust out frequently by turning chair on the side. Some lubricant sprayed on working parts can also help. Usually, this makes the footrest go up and down once again.

A Notable Reminder!!!

Do you have a warranty under the recliner? If yes, then probably trying repairing might affect the validity of that warranty. You should try consulting or reaching out to the manufacturer. Let them know the issues and they’ll probably give you free servicing regarding the warranty. You save money and also go for a much safer route this way.

If the Footrest Feels Too Stiff

If you feel that the footrest is not going up and down smoothly, there could be a lubrication issue or some loose bolt and screws screwing up things.Get a screwdriver (Phillips one is great), some lubricant oil (WD-40 is okay or some other preferable grease), screws or bolts and a clean towel.

Start with bringing the chair upside down. The footrest mechanism is exposed to this position. Check for any loose or rusted screws or bolts. If you notice any, then tighten them using the screwdriver. Also don’t forget to clean rust.

Using large screws will make the tightening long-lasting. Also, they provide better strength as well as security. Once you are done with tightening, it’s time for lubrication. You should apply some at footrest’s bushings.

Use a neat towel to clean yourself and wipe away excess amounts. You should also use a large newspaper sitting below the recliner to catch dripping oil. This is important if you don’t want to ruin your floor.

You must spray lubricants in joints as well. The correct grease should also help in removing dirt, rust and make parts work correctly. Try moving the component up and down. If it does move, the repairing has worked and you are back to normal.

Always ensure the components are correctly attached again. Also, remember it’s never right to keep using broken parts inside the recliner. So, if you notice any, don’t delay calling someone for help. You should consult an expert or the manufacture’s repair shop to fix those damaged parts or replace them. This is the only way to avoid damaging the recliner completely.

If the Adjusting Mechanism Is Damaged

The footrest position is controlled using a special spring inside recliner. And sometime this could be an issue to make the adjustment mechanism fail severely. It could get loose or just break. And so, the adjustment features stop working.

Here also the after-result is footrest getting stuck in one place. Sometimes it stays in mid-path and not raise or go down at all. In this case, you need to learn how to adjust lazy boy recliner footrest with the right repairing.

You’ll need a screwdriver, Allen wrench and a replacement spring for this troubleshooting. Start once again by bring the chair upside down. The footrest’s arm should connect bushings with a spring-like piece. Look for this element. There could be rust or damage causing trouble here. Also, screw loosening could make the problem appear with this spring.

Disconnect anything fixed with this spring first. Take out any tiny springs available at the surroundings. Now using the same manner, simply install new spring in its place. Make sure you tightly attach it.

Try checking the arm or mechanism at this point and see if it works or not. Try moving the recliner to an upright condition. If you can notice the movement is smooth, repair was successful.

The right mechanism of adjustment system is important to keep recliner working in different positions. Sometimes the damage is severe and so you need to dump. However, if spring looks workable and repairable, trying to fix the issue is a good idea.

If the Footrest Is Stuck

The final issue that could happen with a lazy boy recliner is damage in ratchet. Now this is quite similar to spring in terms of functioning and comes in certain models only. Because of a not functional ratchet, the recliner gets stuck in one position. And so, you need to adjust or replace this piece depending on how serious the issue is.

You’ll need screwdrivers, Allen wrench and a replacement ratchet here. After placing the recliner upside down you need to disassemble some parts. These are the elements that are keeping you back from reaching ratchet. It could be arms, screws or anything else. A bar should always be present, you need to remove this by loosening bolts or screws.

Once you are done with getting bar out, time to have a closer look at ratchet. If you see that there is too severe damage that isn’t repairable, go for a replacement. And if simple adjustments will do the job, go for it as well.

For replacement, start with getting nuts, springs and bolts out first that is keeping the mechanism together. It should take you a few seconds to figure out the ratchet’s position. Finally, install replacement part in place of the old one.

Make sure you tightly attach everything together after proper adjustment. And the ratchet issue should be solved by now. Place chair in an upright position and try activating the mechanism. If it works fine, the trick saved your footrest.


How to Fix a Lazy Boy Power Recliner Footrest

And this should be enough for you to get a good idea of how to fix a lazy boy power recliner footrest. Furniture tends to get older and nobody can prevent that from happening. And so, regular maintenance and replacements are necessary. More Than You Think!

So, make sure you keep a note of these small things to keep the recliner’s footrest and other parts in good shape. This is the only way to keep your recliner go as long as you wish.

Also, keep in mind that it could also be some other part that is causing trouble. If you can’t relate with any of these indications or solutions, look for the issue in some other part of your recliner. Or just fix an appointment with a good repairman. It probably needs expert handling. Good Luck!

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