How to Hide Power Recliner Cords with 7 Smart Solutions!

How to Hide Power Recliner Cords

Nobody enjoys the sight of power recliner cords randomly laying around in their house floors. And that annoyance must be the trigger for you to browse through this topic.

There are surely some smart ways and cable management tricks that you can apply to finally get through this trouble.

It’s so easy and manageable that most of us are capable of doing them. So, let’s talk about some of the best ways on how to hide power recliner cords.

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How to Hide Electric Recliner Cords on the Floors Using Random Things

There are both DIY and bought solutions to this very random problem. I’ll be exploring both possibilities in this writing. Also, you can use these ideas to hide cords for power recliners as well as any other electrical furniture. Let’s go for it!

1. Buy a Mat or Area Rug

The most practical and easy way to hide recliner power cords is by using a mat. You can get any thick floor mat for this. The mat does not have to be small or huge. Go with whatever fits your floor requirements.

Just ensure one thing. You want the cord and mat to be placed in a manner that does not cause any tripping accidents. Another point you want to consider is fired hazard chances. If the cords and outlets are not new nor UL listed, this can invite dangerous situations.

Also, if you already own an area rug then there’s no need to buy another mat separately. You can conveniently tuck the cords to hide them underneath.

2. Use Any Foam to Hide Electrical Cords of Power Recliner

For this trick you want the recliner to be placed close to a wall that includes an outlet for powering. Now you need to find a foam that matches the color of that particular wall. This is a must if you absolutely want to hide the maximum parts of your recliner’s cords.

Once you use foam for hiding the cords in it, there’s no way anybody will be able to figure out this disguise within your wall. This is surely a cost-efficient way to create a partial illusion of hiding.

Just make sure about the adjustment of the cord. It has to be in a manner that allows maximum attachment of cords to the wall. And then you can simply stick the foam piece into the wall.

3. A Little Bit of Craftiness

The next idea needs you to use your DIY skills. No, I’m not going to tell you to create a rope or shackle. Instead, use your crafty skills to make a nice design of rope or shackle with the cords of the recliner.

Here you can use a few materials as well. Get a pair of scissors, some masking tapes, yarn for decoration, and a few plastic cord tubes. Another way is wrapping the cords with a jute rope. It’s not just going to hide cords but at the same time work as an inexpensive décor for your lovely house.

4. Buying Some Cord Hiding Tools Will Work

There are some handy tiny options that you can buy and use for hiding the cords in a practical way. You can easily buy some sticky hooks that can go right behind the recliner or even underneath. Cord hiders are also a great option here. You can even paint them to lessen their existence. Command clips are also very flexible to use in such conditions.

5. A Beautiful Basket Can Help

The headache of cords with recliners can also leave your house if you own a basket that can be used as décor stuff. Any tiny basket will also do if you don’t mind it interrupting your home décor. Simply pile up the cords of the recliner inside this thing. And place it somewhere close to the outlet and suitable to hide the existence of those troubling wires. If you don’t have a basket nor are interested in buying one, an unused shoebox will also work.

6. Use a Cord Management Kit

There are some cord management kits available online that you can use for this problem specifically. You can use this for not only the recliner but many other types of electrical equipment inside your house.

The tubing system will effortlessly hide any ugly cord messing up your home looks. You can stick these beneath the recliner or any table close to it as well. The only hint of appearance that you would have to tolerate is near the power outlet and that’s it.

An electrical cord organizer will also work in such circumstances. There are also cable bins that look just like trash bins but stockpile all nearby cables and even surge protectors. You can get these as well.

7. Create a Pretty Design on Wall with the Cords

This is probably the least favorite but yet a solution you can try. Simply place the recliner near any wall. Now you want to make a tiny design using the cord on that wall. Go for a tiny mountain shape or anything similar. Here you will also require some wrapping papers, tapes for masking, yarn, scissors, and sticky hooks. The design should not be troublesome for the cord to plug-in.

Wrap Up

And now you have seven cool ideas on how to hide power recliner cords in your house. Apart from these, there are many more smart ideas that you can figure out by yourself. Just think out of the box and have a look at your own surrounding.

There must be items and materials randomly laying around your house that you can use for hiding those cords. Just make sure you think about the final outlook of everything. And then pick any one solution that fits best. It Should Not Mess Up with Your Home Décor in Any Way!

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