Power Recliner Vs Manual Recliner | Major Feature Comparison

Power Recliner Vs Manual ReclinerAfter a tedious office day, you come back home and leaned on the sofa. Suddenly, a thought clicks in your mind. If you could push the sofa slightly back and raise your head, then you could have a very cozy sleep there. Now, guess what? It’s possible!

You might wonder how. Here comes the idea of a reclinable sofa that helps you to sit and stand with ease and allows you to adjust the position to whatever suits you.

Now, reading this, you might think that you need to buy one. You should, but not just yet. Because there are some things you should consider before going to the shop. The main competition here is between power recliner vs manual recliner.

Power Recliner Vs Manual Recliner Basic Differences

First, you should ask yourself- which one? Power or manual?

Let me explain a bit. It is not right to make a hasty decision. Because this is something that will help you in taking a light nap after the exhausting office work. But hopefully, by the time you finish this article, your dilemma will disappear.

Basic Difference

The fundamental difference between the power and manual recliner sofa is that the power recliner will move with the help of electric equipment but you have to do it by hand with a lever in the manual recliner.

In a manual recliner sofa, you might get up to 16 rocking modes with 3 footrests, i.e. about 48 distinct combinations. It will just lean back to a specific point but will not completely lean towards the back position.

In a power recliner, the position will be infinite. In whatever angle and position that you prefer. All you need is a power source. There will be a remote control on the armrest with three or four switches, one for the back, one for the footrest, and another one for the headrest. It will also move the sofa to the position of your choice. You can move it to a fully flat position. A power backup battery will make your recliner be in more ease.

Surely you have decided to buy the one which suits you now. But the question that should come next is the cost.

What about the pricing?

After hearing about the power recliner, you can now easily guess that the price will be a little costly. But with not much difference. Where you may get a manual one for $300, the power recliner will cost you up to $600! It is not possible to decide just by looking at the price. Think about which one is long-lasting and which one is more useful? Health issues are also an important factor.

Which one is more comfortable?

Reading through all the above, you should understand that using manual recliners will not be easy for elderly or disabled people. So if there is such a person in the family, then an electric recliner is best for their use. It also includes a small heat system and massage facilities. So it can also be used to enjoy a little warmth in your chilly days.

Simultaneously, it is glorified with a massage function to relieve your backache, neck, and cervical pain. Moreover, it will improve circulation, reduce back pain, nervous system relaxation & also improve the digestive process. But you must have to ensure that your recliner sofa fits your body.

Which one should I choose?  

Between power vs manual recliner sofa, the power recliner is undoubtedly more durable as it has controlled movement. In the manual recliner, you need to kick the footrest to change the position or put pressure on the backrest. The chair may create issues after some months due to back-to-back utilization of the hand lever.

For new users, a manual recliner can create problems at first until they get used to it. To avoid this, there is some technique that should be adopted. Nonetheless, the power recliner user finds it easy from the beginning.

Is Power Recliner Better Than Manual?

Before choosing you should know some facts about manual vs power recliner. Since electrical components are working on a power recliner, if it gets damaged, the repairing cost will be a bit higher. Parts may not always be available. As not having an electrical machine, a manual one has fewer parts to crack. Yet, because of the electrical system, the power recliner is heavy, larger and so not easily moveable.

If you think about the decoration of the house, and available free space near the power source, then the manual recliner may get more marks.

And, the manual recliner will win the battle of ‘power vs manual recliner sofa’ in the budget-friendly issue. If you have a plan to have a recliner between $200 and $300, then the manual one is better for you.

So, you may wonder “why power recliners are so popular?”

It’s because a power recliner will make your life more comfortable. A power backup battery will remove the limitation of connecting to a power outlet. Just charge it overnight and it will serve you a week easily. As you know that it has more lifespan than a manual recliner because of controlled movement.

Moreover, it can also help you with different types of health issues like neck pain, back pain, and lumbar support by massage & producing heat. In the case of a senior citizen, a power recliner is also the best option. So, just make your budget a little bit higher and buy a power recliner for a comfy life. Also, you don’t need to bother about handling a lever to lie down and kicking the chair to rise. Just press the switch and enjoy leisure.

Get Your Preferred Recliner Now!

Power recliner vs manual recliner, the war is not one-sided. Both have enough arguments. Perhaps you have made up your mind.

No matter what you choose, a recliner will make working on your laptop comfortable while sitting at home. You can also enjoy reading books while lying down on a recliner. Nothing is better than that to make a rainy day or a snowy morning nostalgic and comfortable.

So order your recliner this weekend without further delay.

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