How to Make Couch Cushions Firmer? – Check This Guide!

How to Make Couch Cushions Firmer

Not all of us get excited with the thought of having to buy a new couch. Especially when the old one had barely spent time in your house and is already shaking to get replaced. Well, sometimes the issue with couches and their cushions is simple.

Something that you might be able to solve with a little bit of determination and findings. For example, if the sofa is basically seeming to sag and sink. In such a case, the obvious best solution is looking for how to make couch cushions firmer and escape that lack of support situation.

Because of the amount of abuse your couch has to go through, lacking firmness and support is a very common thing to happen. You can for sure know about a few things for example how to keep couch cushions from sinking and more to fix this situation. And get rid of the sagginess plus bring back the lost shape. Let’s discuss more this to find a solution hopefully.

Here’s How to Make Couch Cushions Firm Again by Replacing Foam

Now there are definitely quick fixes. By quick I mean the tricks that can help you solve the problem instantly and with less effort. But the drawbacks of such methods are that they won’t last long. And that’s not what we are aiming for today.

So, to cut it straight, if you really want to solve the issue and get the firmness back, get rid of old worn-out foams. And place new ones that are solid in firmness. You may believe it’s going to be expensive and complicating. But in reality, this is the most effective step to take and no, actually it’s not that expensive. Here’s how you can replace the old ones with new foam.

Take Necessary Cushion Measurements to Buy Materials

Start by getting the foam inserts out of your cushions. In a typical scenario, the foam must be covered by some cotton or synthetic batting. There’s also usually one inch or thinner than that paddings. And of course, the netting layer to keep batting in the spot.

Get the batting and netting out if it’s necessary. Then you want to take measurement of foam. Take notes of its thickness, width, and also length. You want to go for the largest dimensions. So that there’s room for areas that have been compressed or let say worn out.

If the old foam is in terrible condition, use the cushion cover for measurement. Let it spread evenly on a flat surface. Then you can take measurements between each sewn segment’s seams.

There are covers with edge piping or welting cord. In such a case, you want to take measurements between the welting’s inside. Each dimension should have an additional one inch. And that should be the final foam size.

Let say you have a cover with 26 inches width, 34 inches length, and 7 inches depth. Then the foam should be 27x35x8 inches. For the firmness and density idea, you should consult with the foam supplier.

There’s also a rule of thumb to follow. If the foam is 4-5 inches thick, then density/firmness should be 25/35. While the 22/30 would work with 6-8 inches thick foams. You will need Dacron batting for covering each piece’s all face. Make sure to buy enough of the 1-inch variety.

Make Couch Cushions Fluffy Again

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Cutting the New Materials

Now that you have a dimension to follow, mark it on the foam. You can simply use a straightedge for this. Or go ahead with a framing square. These will help you to confirm that the lines are straight and the corners are squares.

You can also choose to place the old foam on top of a new one. And then trace down the lines where you’ll make the cut.

For cutting, you’ll need an electric carving knife. Follow the size and cut new foam. Leave it on top of a working surface flat while cutting. Just beware that the surface can experience some scratching. You want to hold the knife straight. So that the cuts are done in straight lines. Also, there will be perfect vertical side edges this way.

To make the edges of foam piece flush well, you want to place them in a batting strip. Then go ahead a wrap it all the way around foam. This way it will meet the starting point at one rear corner. Use scissors to trim the batting to the necessary length. You can cover the remaining side of foam pieces using the leftover batting.

Securing to Complete the Process

On the rear corner of foam, you want to secure the batting to itself. Simply use the staples to do so. Make sure to maintain 4 inches of space apart. You don’t have to be exact with the spacing though. But just don’t end up using too many staples. You just want to make sure the batting does not come off when inside the cover.

Then cover each side of the foam edge. Consider the foam’s size and trim slightly smaller. Along one long edge, simply staple the batting in place. Stretch the thing a tad bit to work on the opposing edge and staple it. Then you can staple it on the ends. Do the same for the foam’s other side edge.

Any extra bit of batting needs to be trimmed off too. Gradually insert the cushion inside the cover. You want to extend it completely. so that the foam’s corners and edges are well aligning with cover seams. Once you are done, zip to close it. And let your now firm cushions back to the couch.

Make Couch Cushions Fluffy Again by Adding Extra Foam

If you don’t want to replace the foam, maybe add a few new ones. If the old ones are not absolutely worn out, this should work. The cushion covers that come with zippers are easy to add extra foam. You simply unzip and add enough foam according to your desire. You absolutely want to pick the right density.

Typically, there’s a soft, medium, and firm version for density. Also, the thickness will greatly matter. Just go with the one that best suits your need. You can also go for adding one-piece or include a few layers inside. It all depends on what type of effect you are looking for. Some even choose to use cotton batting for stuffing their cushions. But the results are less prominent and poor lasting.

Should You Consult an Upholsterer?

When you want to make couch cushions firm again, it’s important to visualize expensive and unique sofas differently. These are not the regular ones that can be fixed with DIY solutions. Instead, you need to talk to a professional. Maybe the overall cost will be a bit more. But that’s worth it as we are talking about quite an expensive furniture.

Once you take the firm lacking cushions to an expert upholsterer, he or she will fix the problem and make it just like new ones with their knowledge and skills. And when you have already paid a big amount to buy the sofas, it’s not very bad to invest a bit more by hiring a professional to fix its cushions.

Building Couch Cushion Support

If the couch lacks support, then getting new foam inserts for couch cushions seems the best idea. Lack of support is a clear sign that the old inserts are now not anymore capable of providing anything. You can get the new inserts from a local shop and replace them without much concern. And it’s also super easy.

But sometimes it’s not very necessary to buy the new foams just for fixing the support system of your couch. You can add extra support and solve the issue. Yes, to fix a sagging couch cushion that is surely not having the necessary support to hold weight, you can simply buy Laminat Supports.

These are available in furniture shops. Once you add this, the cushions will have a strong base and there will be enough flexibility to reduce any sagginess plus increasing support. Also, it highly benefits the posture of the person sitting on couch. There are foldable supports available that can be stored after use.

Wrap Up

Learning how to make couch cushions firmer and applying the solutions as soon as possible will save you from the cost of buying a new couch. So definitely pay attention to the solutions and see for yourself if there’s one that can help your couch cushions.

Most probably, it should work to solve the issue and you’ll have firmness back in your couch’s cushion. Without proper firmness, it’s never going to feel any pleasure when you sit on it. So don’t just wait and do something about it, Good Luck!

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