How to Use Appliance Rollers to Move Your Home Appliances

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Do you know what looks like a mess?

Having the whole family for pulling and pushing while that heavy furniture, fridge, or washing machine gives everyone a hard time moving bit by bit.

Even imagining the scene sounds inconvenient. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Because apparently there are appliance rollers for you to get the job done.

Well, I’m guessing you already own those. As we are here to talk about how to use appliance rollers.

And on that note, I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how you can implement this wonderfully helpful tool for different types of loads. Including washing machines, furniture, and so on. Enjoy!

Using Expandable Appliance Rollers for Furniture and Large Appliances

Having to ask your spouse or another family member to help you out with the heavy furniture moving won’t be the case anymore once you get yourself expandable appliance rollers set.

These often also come with lifters. And so, you can easily glide the thing, no matter how heavy it is. And then, taking it from one place to another is that simple. People even use them for deep cleaning sessions. Basically to move their heavy stuff that simply makes everything so much easier to clean.

Using The Lifter

The ones that come with a lifter would help you to slightly lift the piece of furniture you’re trying to move. And then simply placing the rollers underneath. It’s as simple as that!

Also Works For Refrigerator

You can use these for almost any type of heavy furniture. Also, the appliances for example refrigerator. If you have hardwood flooring, these rollers would help in gliding those bulky pieces without causing harm. Another reason why people consider such rollers.

Carpet Adapters

If you have the version that comes with such adapters, then use it whenever there’s a need to move things on top of a carpet. However, depending on which type of carpet you have, the moving process could be easy or hard.

Before Use, Check the Withstanding Weight

One thing you want to confirm is the withstanding weight. If the tool isn’t able to carry weight, it should be mentioned and you must take note of that. Usually, rollers are made pretty strong. So, there should not be any problem. However, you still want to carefully check the factor before actually using it.

Adjust The Height Controller

A good quality appliance roller would come with lifters that include easy adjusting with convenient height controlling. You can bring the furniture at whatever height you prefer. Works wonderfully for cleaning chores especially. In such a case, you won’t even have to move it.

My Recommendation on Heavy Duty Appliance Rollers

If you would prefer a 660lbs weight withstanding option with a height adjustability feature that includes 4 sliders as well as a lifter, perfect for couches, sofas, and even refrigerators, then definitely check out this appliance roller set from Mega Maxx brand. It does the job and basically holds most features you are probably looking for furniture moving.

Try Adjustable Appliance Rollers for Washing Machine!

When you want to use appliance rollers for washing machine, it should be something that does not cause any sort of harm to the underneath part of the thing. So, make sure the one you are using will be easy enough to install, something that’s quick.

Too many efforts to put it beneath the washing machine may end up manipulating or causing scratches to the area beneath. Heavy-duty appliance rollers usually fit beneath of not just the washer but also the dryer as well as freezers if there’s a need.

There should be a support saddle that helps in the withstanding of weight along with non-skip pads. The wheels should also be non-damaging to the floor which it’ll travel on.

When you install it and get ready to move the washer, if there’s carpet beneath then the thing might hang up or sink. Especially the ones that are dense or prone to make low piles. This will entirely depend on the weight of the washing machine.

Also, on certain surfaces with the bulk on them, wheels may not be able you make turns. So, you should only try rolling forward or backward. However, if there’s a jockey, you should be able to make turns.

Before using the rollers make sure you empty the washing machine completely. There should be nothing inside that adds weight and participates in making the process difficult.

Tip one way of the washer and get the wheels beneath it. Do the same for the other side as well. And installation should be complete.

Make sure the roller unit is properly centering on the pads, it’s important. If this part goes wrong, usually the moving process becomes relatively hard. Now you can easily move by simply gliding it. Make sure there’s no scratch been made on your floor.

My Recommendation on Adjustable Appliance Roller

With a support saddle, non-skip pad, and smooth wheels that are non-marring, the SoftTouch 4260795N Appliance Rollers are pretty straightforward to use for moving washers and dryers. To fit the appliance, you can adjust from 18.5 to 28 inches.

When Using Appliance Rollers, Keep These Notes in Mind

  • There are certain appliance rolling casters available that usually leave pretty ugly marks on flooring. And this tends to happen when you need to move something very bulky. Make sure you never cross the weight limit of the appliance moving tool. Non-marring technology included rollers usually prevent such consequences. So, try those.
  • Keeping your appliance secure is also important while transporting those. Make sure there is such a dedicated feature in your appliance roller before using it. Your expensive furniture suddenly falling off won’t be good news.
  • If you need to move things on carpeted floor, use the appliance rollers with rolling loaded. It should help without giving a hard time trying to move heavy things in tricky surface.
  • To use rollers for multiple surfaces, use surface adapters. The ones that come with 4 of these will be easy to roll.
  • Go for appliance rollers with brakes included to keep the whole moving process safe.

Wrapping Up

And that was all I had to share on how to use appliance rollers, no matter if it’s for moving a huge piece of furniture or the washer of laundry room. The main process of installing these should be given with instructions on manual. It’s very basic, something people usually figure out on their own.

However, knowing the proper usage also include making sure there won’t be a scratch or harm done to the moving piece as well as the surface it’ll glide on. And that’s what I tried to help you with today through some handy tips and notes. Let’s have a similar fun topic covered the next time as well. Till then, Have a Great Time!

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