Where to Place Area Rugs on Hardwood Floors!

Where to Place Rugs on Hardwood Floors

Not just for aesthetics, but also, it’s a matter of safety! I’m talking about the placement of that rug you just bought. You may have already considered getting some ideas on where to place rugs on hardwood floors. Because that’s why you’re reading this, I believe.

However, I still want you to know that a properly placed and secured area rug is really something you want to pay extra attention to. You may or may not have heard stories from friends and acquaintances of how someone slipped by sliding on an area rug. Let me tell you, I have heard such types of stories – and the last thing I want is for you to break your hip.

These situations can be avoided by simply being a bit more careful about the placement of rugs. So, let’s prioritize both safety and aesthetics to find out where to place rugs on hardwood floors. Let’s Go…

Tips for Rug Placement On Hardwood Floors

Areas That Go Through High Amount of Traffic

Some areas at your home or office must get a lot of foot traffic. And for that, it’s quite obvious those areas are going to be quicker at degrading over time. However, it’s possible to maintain good floor condition by simply placing rugs in those high-traffic areas.

And since it’s going to be a place where a lot of walking happens, you must make sure that there’s no chance of slippage. Especially, in proximity to elements that can be prone to becoming slippery. For example, the dishwashing area in the kitchen.

Other areas for rug placement on hardwood floors could be the hallways, living rooms as well as entryways.

A Seamless Placement Beneath Chairs, Sofas & Tables

Rugs can be beneficial to add a nice décor touch to important parts of your home. Such as the seating arrangement area where all guests are supposed to rest. Having some nice rug beneath the table, chairs, sofas, as well as couches, would give a graceful outlook to them.

And not to mention, this furniture tends to leave awful scratches on the hardwood floor. So, having the rug right beneath would be a pleasing savior from all those nasty scratches that could otherwise have happened as the guest’s child decide to jump restlessly on top of your couch.

Any Furniture That Has Potentials of Causing Scratch Needs a Rug Beneath

Basically, what we talked on in the last segment. However, this is for furniture that might not be used a lot but still has a heavy weight to cause scratches and blemishes. You want to place a rug beneath such furnishing as well to keep the hardwood flooring intact.

Bedroom Spots That Lack Warmth

Adding area rugs for hardwood floors can be a fantastic idea for rooms that lacks warmth. Having a bedroom that does not give the feel of comfort and warmth, won’t be a pleasant thing to enter after a tiring day at work.

And so, you should pay attention to making that space of yours cozier by adding nice lighting and things that would add the extra oomph. Especially an area rug. It does make a difference, try and see it for yourself.

If you don’t mind a little bit of extra specific advice, go for the huge area rugs to place right in the center of your bedroom. Works Like Magic with Hardwood Floors!

Space Defining with Area Rugs

The concept of decorating with area rugs on hardwood floors isn’t anything new. And so, areas at your home that need a bit of definition and basically a put-together look would work great with smart rug placement.

To enhance the space, you can choose area rugs. And even for dividing larger rooms into two sections, you can place area rugs for giving a sense of separation there.

For example, if you have a kitchen and dining space attached, place a rug inside the dining space. The separation created through the area rug on the flooring will give an illusion of two distinct places just like that.

One Thing to Keep In Mind Though!

It’s surely good to have a rug anchored by furniture in certain areas at home such as the dining room as well as the bedroom. I cannot forget the amazing concept of rugs for hardwood floors in the living room. The area usually has some really fancy furnishing.

But keep in mind that some hardwood types are really prone to changing color when exposed to UV light. And so, when you place the rug on top of it, the area beneath won’t lose color or shade as the uncovered portion does.

And so, at some point you may discover that floor beneath the rug is not the same as the uncovered portion surrounding it, giving things a pretty uneven look.

Some refer to this as a rug outline on hardwood floors. Usually, the best way to avoid such issues is by simply choosing the rug placement in an area that has no exposure to direct sunlight. So that even the uncovered areas don’t get a chance to change the tone.

Other Smooth Working Tips for Rug Placement on Hardwood Floors

  • As soon as you have an idea of where to place rugs on hardwood floors, make sure to recheck your cleaning habit. Because you will be needing that for carefully cleaning the spot where the rug would lay down. A nice sweeping and mopping session would get it all ready.
  • After placement, vacuuming every day the rug is elementary. Dusting is also fine if you don’t own a vacuum cleaner.
  • Aesthetics could be hurt once you chose the oversized rugs for your space. The right size is a key for the designated laying spot. Also, try to come up with some layout ideas for rugs on hardwood floors that would make the space look better.
  • Get some non-slip rug pads if you have no choice but to place them somewhere slippery. For example, when you want to have rugs for hardwood floors in bedrooms right in front of the bathroom.
  • The rug matches the tone of the hardwood floor, that’s the right scene and you should make sure it takes place. Existing furniture, furnishing as well as flooring blending well with the rug you chose to place is necessary.

Wrap Up

Looks like you have some fabulous tips to work with and decide about where to place rugs on hardwood floors no matter if it’s your home or your office. If you have some other areas in mind, keep them included as well. Because this is a case where the possibilities are almost endless.

If you are confused from a decorative perspective, refer to pictures of area rugs on hardwood floors that are simply a search away. Be sure you are picking the right rug for those designated areas. And then, simply enjoy the comfort of your space.

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